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Poetry is for those who are in love with words. Where words are pushed to their breaking point and are transformed into pure emotion.

Featured Poetry

Let the children play (Child & Youth Rights)
by Wambui, Kenya
Remember when children used to play Not a care, not a worry Just fiddling with clay Remember how they ran about Rolling in the playing fields Laughing, loving the bright blue sky Enjoying...

I remember U! (Culture)
by Dumletam
I remember the looks so penetrating, so deep silent and innocent filled with questions though ready to be asked wouldn't be because those beautiful lips have been trained for...

Me militant (Human Rights)
by Reality, Nigeria
I would buy me a Dane gun And order a spear make me a wooden gun that I may qualify Count me in and gimme my share I have a gun and my machete Gimme bread in return and an oil well I...

The fugitive (Peace & Conflict)
by Robbie
The fugitive was a frail piece of artwork. The tapestry of his skin intertwined with scars of futile journeys, limp limbs etched with the inevitability of death. Ostracized... Outcast......

The march of liberty (Education)
by rawmaterial, Nigeria
He thought, they thought that the situation was not right. Basic amenities were lacking, There was poverty all about, There was nepotism in the land, Corruption was endemic, Abuse of power...

If we understood love (Culture)
by Timothy G. Branfalt Sr.
As all children play in their homelands, And find the Love that nature brings. Be it high in the mountains or shorelands Their hearts share the same things. The happiness that surrounds them,...

Dear World (Child & Youth Rights)
by alexandra tome
Today a child cried Because their alcoholic parent beat them. One hour ago a child was sent to work in a factory Because their parents sold them off as a child slave. Yesterday a child...

In case: a letter to the lukewarm (Health)
by Dumletam
Part 1: …You Tell “Not at this time!” You just told me. I’d thought you’d Exercise some patience, Look around you Then tell me, that is, If it is still necessary To say: “not at this...

If I were in a wheelchair (Disability Culture)
by Rashad Amahad, Bahamas
If I were in a wheelchair I'd wish you would not stop and stare, Unless it was at the glare from my super fine hair. If I were in a wheelchair man, I would love to have ramps everywhere. If...

A lifetime chasing a dream (Globalization)
by Maria Nanabhai
My dream, It has always been But was always a little too far Just an inch.. But out of reach No fulfillment was possible I take my hand out and try to get it It keeps getting away I try...

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