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by chinedu ichu, Nigeria Oct 13, 2011
Peace & Conflict , Environment , Culture   Poetry



Bonfire of the vanities
A slight onto God
Regardless of its rich flowing regalia
Coated with dubious paraphernalia
Beneath lies a grim reminder of an age forever lost

Humans!!! Devious, treacherous ungrateful servants
Always wanting more
God alone laughs at their vulnerability
But turns briskly away…
Heartbroken beyond doubt

Regret never slips in from back door
Like an unfaithful broken lover
The almighty is never draconian
Ready for compromise
He goes in search and gathers stray sheep

Still we languish in worldly perversion
sucking greedily
the leprous fingers of dummy idols
Sanity has been shamelessly cast upon infested felines
Men now dance to the whims and caprice of Gods opposite
Dragging along with them the scum of the earth.



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Writer Profile
chinedu ichu

My name is chinedu ichu, a 35 year old married African of Nigerian decent; I have been writing now for 8 years, my work mostly reflects the time, life and thought of a typical African irrespective of race, gender and tradition.
Although within our dear African continent there are too many obvious challenges confronting writers, it hasn’t deterred me from continually shifting my beautiful African mind into over drive whenever am being inspired or the need arise, for me poetry is like a large jump starter, one of my aims first as a writer is to positively show case Africa to the rest of the world, to make them understand that we are good for those relevant things that comprehend and compliment existence, it is my duty as a writer to make sure my work is well grounded and speaks volume to whoever decides to read no matter their orientation because it cuts across all barriers.
I have allowed myself be inspired by whatsoever catches my psyche from the aftermath of the holocaust to the traditional wrestling competition that has taken place in one small African village, poetry has indeed taught me a great deal of unspoken wisdom, it made me realize how wonderful and irresistible our creator is, I wasn’t indeed afraid of what treasure I had exhumed.

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