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Me militant Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Reality, Nigeria Sep 20, 2009
Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


I would buy me a Dane gun
And order a spear
make me a wooden gun
that I may qualify

Count me in and gimme my share
I have a gun and my machete
Gimme bread in return
and an oil well

I have no bread
I can’t earn bread
Both by book and sweat
but I can spill blood

I am a militant
And in line
with machete and hoe
to scar and maim

I would at least qualify
For a meal or morsel
And earn social security
Which only crime can buy

I don’t know politricks
I have no friend in Abuja
I haven’t twenty years
Of cognate experience

I don’t want to steal akara
To Get the firing squad
When the treasury looters
Earn national honor

I am a militant
We should all queue
To earn this neo relief
Of serfdom and misery



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Writer Profile

I come alive when I write and the feeling that those few lines may impact positively on a soul unknown to me or even elicit a smile makes it a worthwhile endeavour.

Farhad Miriany | Apr 23rd, 2012
These words belong to a true human who cares for his society and nation. But those in power shall know that their ruling never lasts forever and shall understand young intellectuals who care for the people. I hope conditions improve so that our friends in Nigeria do not wish to have gun but rather use knowledge and love to improve conditions in this beautiful land

Ebuenyi Ikenna D. | Apr 23rd, 2012
Dear Farhad, Thanks for your kind comments. Our prayer is that our leaders listen before youths embrace militancy as a way of life to qualify for government’s attention!

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