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The Room of Expressions Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Aly, United States Sep 16, 2012
Education , Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


I am trapped in a room with invisible walls,
Invisible windows,
And an invisible cause.
This room makes me play opposite day, but there's a twist;
It's every day. And the room follows with every step I take, Causing me to be someone else, someone who's tough,
Someone who keeps their emotions when they really want to cry.
I keep my thoughts inside the room,
It causes my brain to scatter and break down.
Each time the broken pieces are found,
They are glued together and loosely bound, so I can break down any second.
I have a release, which is my passion in music.
That is the thing nobody knows about me,
That I can write a quick rap and call it a piece.
I try to not let the little things stop me
And I do my best to not let the voices block me.



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Writer Profile

I write poems that make people think. If I read my poems out loud people say they're deep. I try to make my work about real things that real people are going through. I came to find poetry through the 'raps' I used to write, and I realized that poetry is for me.
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