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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Normal or Different? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Kevin A. Ferreira, United States Dec 27, 2006
Environment , Human Rights   Poetry


Look around,
At life all around,
People complaining,
People following,
Doing what they will,
People acting without thinking,
Quickly sinking into the world.

To live in a world,
Where people depend on others,
For their ideas,
Of not only what they wear,
But who they are,
This is a truly a scar,
On the face of truth,
And of freedom.

Some people are mindless,
Letting other choose for them,
What they think of this or that,
They get so sucked in,
There’s no coming back.

I have thoughts others don’t see,
I have emotions others don’t feel,
I see the sky and become enamored,
While others see it and are indifferent,
Humanity is fighting against itself,
We strive to be normal,
When normal is different.

So look around,
Where do you fall,
Are you in the normal,
Or in the different?



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Kevin A. Ferreira

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Bradley James Robichaud | Mar 28th, 2007

Hmm... great!
Emperor Omorogiuwa Edionseri | Oct 30th, 2007
Great work Kelvin, beautiful analysis and chioce of words but if i be a critic I will say, the poet was quite slf centered. Keep up the scripting, if you know what I mean. Bye!

amogelang | Nov 18th, 2008
hey! thats good,very nice!

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