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The fugitive Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Robbie, Australia Aug 11, 2009
Peace & Conflict , Environment , Human Rights , Rights of the Poor   Poetry


The fugitive The fugitive was a frail piece of artwork. The tapestry of his skin intertwined with scars of futile journeys, limp limbs etched with the inevitability of death.
Ostracized... Outcast... Forgotten...
Eyes peeked from beneath his shawl-sanctum, searching, seeking anything other than the incessant weight of life. His deep sunken eyes permeated the world, flooding it with the incomprehensible comprehension of failure, of no hope, of nothing...
He was a silhouette against a Cimmerian backdrop. Grief consumed him, his mind abating screams of indignation.
His eyes closed, embracing final peace.



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Writer Profile

I am a 13 year old boy working to become an author. My love of writing surfaced when I was about 7, and my ambition to become an author has grown and so has my writing (I hope), I feel that writing is the easiest and the most satisfying way to express myself and that words are one of the most precious things, and to stretch them to their very limits, use them in unique ways, is the most expressive form of media. I aspire to one day master this intricate, beautiful language and use them in more creative, wonderful ways. I would greatly appreciate any tips or constructive criticsm on my work, especially from a current or former author. I would recommend writing to anyone looking for an enjoyable hobby or career,and you might be surprised, everyone has a different style of writing, and if you think yours is only average, it might actually be brilliant.
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