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The march of liberty Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by rawmaterial, Nigeria Feb 15, 2009
Education , Culture , Human Rights   Poetry


He thought, they thought
that the situation was not right.
Basic amenities were lacking,
There was poverty all about,
There was nepotism in the land,
Corruption was endemic,
Abuse of power was the order of the day,
Kleptomaniacs were on the prowl,
Everything was in disarray,
Life had become brutish and short.

He asked himself, they asked themselves
Must things continue this way?
Not wishing to cause instability,
Afraid of what might result from challenging the status quo
They watched year after year,
Administration after administration,
as things got from bad to worse,
existence reduced to a mere struggle for survival.

Now was the time to act.
He must act, they must act,
they must act against their current situation,
Cause change does not come
from doing nothing,
from doing the same thing again and again.
Thus the struggle began
Against all that was bad,
Against everything that was bad,
Against anything that was unjust.

Thus began pain, persecution and prosecution.
He was unrelenting,
they were resolute in their pursuit,
then came the light at the end of the tunnel.
The light was already casting its beam on their part,
looking ahead it was clearer and getting brighter.

With hardship, with pain,
he moved ahead, they moved ahead.
It was getting better, worthier and more rewarding;
So now they cannot stop
cause they know that it could only get better
if they keep up the struggle.



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Writer Profile

Adebayo is the president of Campaign Against Ignorance & Illiteracy (CAII) a Lagos-based NGO devoted to developing ideas on how to promote democracy, good governance and popular participation in public affairs in Nigeria. He was the vice speaker of the Student World Assembly 2007-2008 and spearheaded the organisation's campaign on ending human trafficking world wide especially in the West African sub-region, he in 2007 wrote an essay that was one of the finalist essay for the World Youth Movement for Democracy (WYMD) world essay competition on democracy, he in his essay detailed his experiences as an election observer on what transpired during the 15th April, 2007 general elections in Nigeria. He is the immediate past PRO of the Human Rights Information Network (HURINET) Nigeria 2007-2009 a network of about 100 right based organisations, since 2003 he has been a parliamentarian on PATITO’S GANG, a current affairs television program in Nigeria shown by six television stations hosted by Professor Pat Utomi. Adebayo was the PRO of the National conscience Party (NCP) Mainland, Local Government, Lagos state, Nigeria from 2003-2005 the party under which platform he had earlier in 2003 contested for the position of councilor, an experience which he describes as a participatory research work on the inner workings of political parties and the peculiar nature of Nigerian politics. He was the chairman of the Corpers’ Welfare Association in Geidam, Yobe state while on National youth service in 2002 and was the social- director of the Student Union Government at Kwara State Polytechnic 1999-2001, Ilorin, he is a facilitator and resource person to a number of NGOs
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