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"Take me to your leader?" (Poetry) 24-02-2009
by Timothy G. Branfalt Sr.
Wondering why we don't see the shame- of putting everyone else to blame. We started equal as we will be, but think too much indifferently. Take me to your Leader! Tho may fall a prisoner to a mime. And must answer him about a crime, but he...

"Without Punctuation" (Short Story) 22-10-2006
by aGn
she haunts you in your dreams she carves out a space for herself in the midst of your chaos she is the definition the temptation the degradation the reclassification the totality of everything you cannot be you wait for her in the dark you wipe...

A POEM AND A ROSE (Poetry) 5-02-2009
by Emperor Omorogiuwa Edionseri
I guess you’ve been so many places, But definitely, you must have seen so many faces. In life, you’ve been through different phases, And by now, you know the one that eases. And the one that ceases and dizzies, That’s why I’m sending you a...

Any other way? (Poetry) 12-03-2009
by Timothy G. Branfalt Sr.
Why is it that we wonder- On the same thing we ponder? Life is not assuring, Everything so alluring us, To a place of which we not know. To a place of which we find various ways to grow. What is it within us, to hate with a vengeance?...

Bye Bye! (Poetry) 12-02-2009
by Emperor Omorogiuwa Edionseri
When I came to Italy, I saw a very beautiful woman. She was as a very kind-hearted woman, She was such an educated woman. She could work anything on the computer, what a woman! That woman is you. That very beautiful, very kind-hearted...

Ce que je crois.. (Interviews) 30-11-2007
by Youths Ahead!
Je me nomme Ludewic, âgé de 22 ans, je poursuis des études en droit au Cameroun. Je suis passionné de littérature et de poésie. Entre écriture et études académiques, j’essaie de trouver le temps nécessaire pour être utile à ma communauté. Il...

Crack (Opinions) 30-11-2006
by shannen
CRACK a line of imperfection.. what we have known of a firm solid ground.. has never been so solid.. the firm ground beneath our feet; like a sea of molten lava.. filtered with fragments of decays... populated with bits of advance...

Desert (Poetry) 17-04-2007
by Manny Maurice Ekanem
Chamfered feet Leaden legs Weary eyes Famished wrecks Dusty skin Parching throats Dirty nails Desperate blokes Drifting moist Distal trees Spied afar Oasis Eager lunge Fleeting foot Straining cords Tear a hoot Mammoth...

Ebbs of Life (Poetry) 12-12-2006
by Ebuenyi Ikenna D.
Swift are the ebbs of life, This journey we yearn but fear, Its blessings and surprises, Perchance we are at the helm, We may sail a known course. The anchorless ship is our fear. But for some it doesn’t matter, Those crowned on high by the...

Express Yourself (Opinions) 26-08-2003
by Billy Bob
One of the biggest fears in high school is not fitting in. Most of this trepidation is because you don’t express yourself. By expressing yourself, I mean interacting with other people. Sure, it’s easy for someone to wear their trendy clothes, and...

Heart in reins (Poetry) 23-06-2008
by Ebuenyi Ikenna D.
The maples and ferns freely glide; Their hearts are like a medallion worn; Sentient man is free and in chains; His heart in the alcove lies As the feelings wither for fear.

How non-creative countries can attract creative people (Opinions) 16-05-2008
It is an established fact that every state or country needs some amount of development to create change in the lives of its ordinary citizens. This development spans from economic to social, and the change does not occur in a vacuum or out of...

If Only... (Poetry) 18-11-2008
by amogelang
if only...if only.. if only I knew how to live if only I had a manual on how to live man..if only I knew life! if only I knew from my infancy stage that one day I'd have a broken heart.. that I'd share tears... that still, I'd have to be...

Jamaica gives birth to Caribbean Youth Summit (Short Story) 14-09-2007
by Jaevion Nelson
August 22 – 26, 2006 gave birth to the first Caribbean Youth Summit (CYS) dubbed “Treasures of the Caribbean: Transforming Self & Society” which was held at Franciscan Ministries Convent at the Immaculate Conception High School. The CYS represents...

Language as Violence, Violence as Language: Expression of Violence as a Substitute for Communication (Poetry) 29-05-2005
by Odimegwu Onwumere
The youths' means for communication Ignorance is a pandemic as is HIV/AIDS. Train him, control him and care for him. It's disgusting to neglect his fundamental needs and pleas It's injurious to see him grow branchless in the norm, hale and...

Live, Love and Read (Poetry) 26-11-2008
by karen
Day dream. When ever I day dream I day dream of you. In my secret garden I day dream, I do. I day dream, I do, in a far away land, embracing me tight and holding my hand. Holding my hand and touching my face Just you, and me in this...

Live, Love and Write (Poetry) 14-03-2009
by karen
Coffee Lovers Silently, He smiles to himself, As he thinks of her, Sitting alone in her kitchen, Sipping coffee. She thinks of him too, But little does he know it. Shamefully, Both pass each other every day, Without passing on the...

Love Changes (Poetry) 19-09-2008
by richa mathur
The sky embraced me, air kissed me Earth spread soft petals all over. When you said we were lovers forever You made me feel special, Distinguished me from all the others I thought our love was meant to be And I heard birds singing for me!...

Marriage (Poetry) 4-12-2006
by Odimegwu Onwumere
Marriage Marriage is a legal union Between two people (Or is there any other meaning?). It is an institution that started in Eden It was meant for perfect companionship Extending to a perpetual bliss With its lucence and dissemination...

MDGs are our self–expression (Interviews) 2-04-2005
by Giang Nguyen
We are Phuong Thao and Phuong Ngoc. As close friends, we often do many things together, but the most successful one has to be our participation in the contest “For a better Earth.” This contest was to raise the awareness of youngsters about the...

Partecipazione dal basso. Il potere della cittadinanza attiva. (Opinions) 19-06-2007
by Francesca Montanari
Si chiama, forse, paura il morbo che più affligge oggi il nostro paese. Paura di non arrivare alla fine del mese, per i più, paura di perdere i propri privilegi, per i meno. E ancora: il popolo dei precari e la casta degli strapotenti sono uniti...

Sea of Pain (Poetry) 26-09-2008
by Shucheesmita
I am immersed in The sea of pain. In this life, I have nothing to gain. Happiness turned its back on me, I will never get it again. I wonder here and there, all alone. All the hopes are gone. I am immersed in the sea of pain, Have...

The Broken Flower (Poetry) 6-12-2006
by Ronja
Watch the flower tilt its head Tears stream down your face You kneel upon your broken bed And don't want to leave a trace With caution you undo the knife That cuts your flesh and pierces life Drops of blood, laugh and cry, Laugh at your...

The consequences of leadership (Opinions) 13-06-2008
by Dereje Amera
In our living world, various leaders have come, passed by and influenced our reality as human beings. They have interfered in the decisions and moral choices that societies make in the daily operation of their lives. Leaders have shaped humanity...

The threat (Poetry) 29-02-2008
by Enygma
Scream Cry Fight Smile Argue Express Which you show How you show them Emotions Yours Nobody else's to change Emotions Yours Yours to discover Reveal Conceal Use Change Discard Or hold close Dear Secret Beware the...

The world of the pending (Poetry) 19-06-2008
by Dereje Amera
Living in a world in which nothing is not nothing, Where one starts something, but ends with many or no things, The process is the envelope and the for title one is told anything; No one has a clue. “It is evolutionary,” Was the reply all...

There's so much to be said (Poetry) 19-10-2008
by osewa olawale david
There's so much to be said But little to be heard. There's so much to be said But little to be heard. And the world prefers it dead ‘Cause they are being led By the inconsiderable ones Who aren't willing to hear What the young ones have...

This Feeling (Poetry) 24-12-2007
by amira helmy
Sitting on my bed having this feeling Starring and unbarring as if I’m not healing Are all these dreams real? Will it be done and make me feel? Or am I still living inside my imagination Climbing hills & passing rivers of my creation Still...

Trouble is Meant for Human Beings (Poetry) 4-12-2006
by Odimegwu Onwumere
Are you one of the people who say: I was not born to suffer, I was not meant to suffer, I was not meant to borrow, I was not meant to lack? Then you are making a grave mistake, Because trouble and its consequences Are meant for human...

Vision of Love (Poetry) 17-11-2006
by Natania Nellie Harris
Love is defined as having strong feelings for someone, but it's more than that. Yes, love is a feeling, but it's an emotion, an action, and experience, a gift, an overall wonderful thing. It's when you know you have to do something, but just...

Weep for the Greatest Love (Poetry) 15-12-2006
by Ann
I’ve killed my parents more than once. Several times at least twice. First pierce their heart with wooden sticks. And squeeze their bones for crows to pick But a miracle thing What love is They’re still there Behind the...

World Press Freedom (Opinions) 4-05-2010
by Pauline Fogarty
Do we create the news? I wonder sometimes how many countries limit the expression of newscasters and reporters. The government and corporations may limit what we see and hear through the news, radio and print media. The American news covers a...

دفاعاً عن الصحفيين والإعلاميين المستقلين (Opinions) 12-03-2008
by Adham Tobail
تعتبر وسائل الإعلام بفاعليتها وسطوتها إحدى أقوى أدوات المعرفة وتكوين الوعي، إضافة إلى كونها أداة مؤثرة في صناعة القرار السياسي وتوجيه الرأي العام وتوعيته، وتلعب وسائل الإعلام دوراً هاما في إحداث التغييرات وتدعيم الاتجاهات وبناء التصورات حول مختلف...