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World Press Freedom Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Pauline, Canada May 4, 2010
Media , Freedom of Expression   Opinions


Do we create the news? I wonder sometimes how many countries limit the expression of newscasters and reporters. The government and corporations may limit what we see and hear through the news, radio and print media. The American news covers a lot more about the world than the Canadian news. Sometimes I think we’re stuck in a bubble. Is this seclusion caused by the many dangers in reporting some of the world’s danger zones, where news is hard to come by? In truth, we are missing a piece of the puzzle and those who seek to risk their lives in order to raise awareness about the horrors of war and combat are truly making change.

I think that freedom of expression is important and the internet allows us to choose which stories we want to pass by our eyes, minds and heart. In a sense, this is freedom of consumption. We also have the opportunity to censure, not censor, the stories that are biased or discriminatory. Our voice matters as consumers and the majority of readers and listeners control the message. We can hold the media accountable to do their job of expressing both sides of the story and highlighting the matters that are of most concern to our communities. We may create the media by submitting news that we feel is important and writing letters to the editor to encourage dialogue around controversial issues. In this way, we may generate discussion on topics we would like to see dealt with and problems we would like changed. Everyone can be a reporter with new online technologies such as web 2.0.

It is encouraging that World Press Freedom Day (May 3rd) is in place to raise awareness about the injustices that prevent certain countries from expressing the truths that the public deserves. We need to work with the church and government in order to display proper coverage of real news. The power of big business to influence the messages we hear could be as dangerous as some of the military forces which prevent cameras in some countries. Educate yourself through watching the news, but think critically about it. Those who create the news are not always concerned about the public. If you sift through the messages, clearly you will find independent media sources. Try to follow at least three independent media sites so that you can challenge the mainstream message being emphasized.

Imagine a world where everyone is a respected newsmaker, through stories, songs, artwork, and media. Start an independent newsletter about a topic of interest to you. Include articles from friends, family, and mentors. Shout it out!

Your message matters.



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Writer Profile

Beginning my social activist life at an early age, I got involved in the Regional Multicultural Youth Council in Thunder Bay. Since then, I have represented the youth centre at conferences across Canada, served as youth council president for two years, designed a girl's collective, served as fundraising officer and marketing assistant, and started Health Engaging Youth. I am currently a Youth Support Worker at the drop-in centre.

I have my Recreation and Leisure and Social Service Worker diplomas from Confederation College. During my exchange to Japan, I learned invaluable problem solving skills and cultural sensitivity. I am interested in women's issues, food security, water preservation, prevention of violence against women, environmental activism and children's rights.

I plan to be a Social Worker in the future, so I attend Lakehead University after receiving the SSW diploma. Bringing together my experience with youth-run organizations and the skills developed working at in informal and formal youth engagement; I hope to be involved in mental health, addictions, and youth engagement. I have been part of The New Mentality, Town Youth Participation Strategies, and Thunder Bay District Health Unit.

I am currently working for Wesway as a Respite Worker and Mobilizing Minds as the Young Adult Team Leader.

The Power Of Learning.
Elizabeth | May 19th, 2011
Alas it is used and abused over here in Milan, Italy. I see this in how the elections are going over here. I am a Canadaian from Edmonton Alberta BUT have Residency for Italy until 2999. Weird but why get rid of that status.

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