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Language as Violence, Violence as Language: Expression of Violence as a Substitute for Communication Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Odimegwu Onwumere, Nigeria May 29, 2005
Human Rights , Freedom of Expression   Poetry


The youths' means for communication

Ignorance is a pandemic as is HIV/AIDS.
Train him, control him and care for him.
It's disgusting to neglect his fundamental needs and pleas
It's injurious to see him grow branchless
in the norm, hale and hearty of your descent.
Human Rights is not (and also) it's for your children,
But abusing them may be evil!

He revealed that you're nonchalant
about his welfare, the one he ought to
own fundamentally
And you turned capricious
You beat him, you hate him and you mock him
In consternation that he begged you for his welfare

You condemn him for being weak;
Wake and take your charge!
If the sun is no more, what will happen?
If women are turned to men, can't the world be ludicrous?
If the earth should be covered by ocean,
where would man stand to give his egotistic order?
And if you do not benevolently train your child,
don't you think you are filling the world with chaos?
You laugh
You smile
You will later cry from the ruse of your roaring
Groomed like a gale without gallant

You've made him wander in wonder
Unfathomed that he steals, sobs, and stern
all day to show his anguish and anger

He's always beaten, belted and bullied
In the course of trying to mend gaps.

The Chief, the biggest Chaff of the community
Is a criminal? He embezzles the allocations sent
In by the government that have caused restiveness
And much murder in many morgues by youths

Power is in their veins! As wisdom is in elders?
They strike, kill, and foment troubles
when you neglect they are the future

But when he does, he is seen as an eclipse of our time
But you never take his responsibilities as your own
That's why he strikes to communicate.



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Writer Profile
Odimegwu Onwumere

Odimegwu Onwumere, a poet and an author, is the Founder, Poet Against Child Abuse (PACA), Rivers State , Nigeria . +2348032552855. apoet25@yahoo.com

If it's prose, he writes stories,
If it's poetry, he writes poems,
If it's drama, he writes screenplays,
And he has achieved some poetry nominations, in the USA and in Canada. He was born in Accra Ghana. A Nigerian by origin and is in his early thirties.

Henry Ekwuruke | Jun 5th, 2005

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