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The consequences of leadership Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Dereje Amera, Ethiopia Jun 13, 2008
Political Thought , Freedom of Expression , Peace & Conflict   Opinions


In our living world, various leaders have come, passed by and influenced our reality as human beings. They have interfered in the decisions and moral choices that societies make in the daily operation of their lives. Leaders have shaped humanity in ways they want for many centuries through the constitutions they have formulated. Every given law affects the dynamics of any given society. Laws, by their very nature, oppress free will and freedom. Leaders seem happy in formulating constitutions, proclamations, rules, regulations and policies to maintain the integrity of their systems. Do all these binding laws help them or destroy them?

In history, humanity has passed and practiced different kinds of laws, which reflect the degree of maturity of those leaders. The leaders design such practices so as to help their stay in power. Those laws somehow happen to give identity, and people define people by the types of laws and constitutions they practice. Hence realities and mysteries, both known and unknown, fall under the grace and mercy of a few individuals, although they have no control over many abstract phenomena since they are limited in many aspects of life. This creates disastrous conditions in the world- the chaos we see on the planet.

Leaders are like captains; they can take us everywhere. They can go straight or divert the plane or the ship in any direction they want. The rest have no choice. If a few want to be faithful to the leaders, they are like parrots; they say what those leaders say, repeat their words, use their jargon, and tell the majority they should be respected and trusted. In this case, those individuals who understand plots understand what is behind the screen. They do not agree with what any given system dictates; they will suffer and be suspected, and be put under constant scrutiny. Or they will be confined in the corner. Being indifferent is not equal to being tolerant and understanding. This drama of life exists in any society and system. It is always a struggle.

In our world where trust is artificially built into few societies, and may not exist in the majority of systems and societies, how is it possible for the majority to accept the incomprehensible mysteries that a few people at the top think are right? First, history tells us that the so-called great leaders have been found nowhere. Second, their words and revolutions are like a building on an ice foundation. Third, their thinking will be outdated as time goes by, except that of a few who progressively change and adjust themselves. In such cases the result may be an identity crisis. Those causes which originally started to build big houses in Afghanistan may end up building small houses in Turkey. In such cases, visions might be aborted or destroyed for various reasons.

For all the catastrophic failures that have happened on our planet, two major parts of society are held primarily responsible. One consists of the leaders, and the other consists of followers. At the second level of responsibility are those parts of society which remain silent and passive. They are the ones who are supposed to reverse and change such catastrophic events. Our fate would be chaotic, if one found that one had been deceived by a few. Due to a few individuals’ power-seeking mentality, the majority have been driven through unknown and unclean motives and have been destroyed by thoughts and laws that inhibit society’s major and greater destiny. Since the fate of society is in the hands of the constitutions and proclamations that a few formulate, our lives are now under the control of a few databases; our identities have been tagged.

Individual leaders or groups of leaders tell us that they follow directions that even they have no clue about since what is on their minds changes from time to time. Last year they perceived the world in a different shape than now. Since the world is moving so fast, they see things changing. In such cases they try to adjust and to create some kind of thought or philosophy which sounds similar to what is happening. They play games with events, society and the world at large until they find that they themselves are also fake manuals who can operate the TV and switch it on and off. They cannot go beyond this.

Leadership is not an easy skill. It needs passion. It requires gifted ability. It needs sincerity. It needs drive and mottoes. It requires humbleness. It requires detachment from ego and personality. It needs a clearer understanding and knowledge of human nature. With deeper contemplation, it needs qualities like trust, which is the cornerstone of the relations and affairs between people. True leadership is not a bullet which one uses to kill and harm others. Rather, it is an instrument one uses to serve others.



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Writer Profile
Dereje Amera

Writing is a powerful instrument to promote one's ideology, so as to transform and galvanize the whole of humanity to have a better perspective about this world.

Words are just combinations of letters, but the power they exert in every human frame is still a mystery to all.

Writing uses these mysterious forces of words as a tool to introduce, induce and create vibrations in society, which do have an influence on every aspect of our life as human beings.

May the power of WORDS prevail over all!!

Rana | Aug 18th, 2008
leader is by nature

Great piece
R Kahendi | Jul 31st, 2008
I enjoyed reading this. Great piece.

Same here in pakistan
HAMEEDULLAH | Aug 7th, 2008
Now a days politics has become game of intrest and investment.Pakistan is one of unlucky country in which all decisions are mad by america and our militray mights are totally controlled by agencies.We are slave of westren policies. we are not militants, not intrested in religious philosophies but we are people who love humanity. they have forced us to react. by the way your writing is voice of my heart and millions of people.

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