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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Sea of Pain Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Shucheesmita, Bangladesh Sep 26, 2008
Freedom of Expression   Poetry


I am immersed in
The sea of pain.

In this life,
I have nothing to gain.

Happiness turned its back on me,
I will never get it again.

I wonder here and there, all alone.
All the hopes are gone.

I am immersed in the sea of pain,
Have nothing at all, to gain.

I don't want to be able to cry,
I just want to die.



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Writer Profile

I am a dreamer.
I love writing because it lets me express myself freely. I would like to become a good writer someday. I tried to be a poet but I don"t have that talent.........

To me life is like a huge room with so many windows and I want to open up as many as possible and have new experiences. Maybe because in short span of my life, I have already lived different lives.........I have to so many dreams I cherish and would like to fulfill them some day.

So we say!
Stephen Ojeremen | Nov 3rd, 2008
Calm are the seas But the devil is still in charge of the paddles, He wears a face decorated with all our smiles, They are of mockery. He paddles us all to his destination And we are only too happy To go in the direction He is paddling us. Because the seas are calm; We are content with this calm A calm that destroys us all, A calm we know is destructive And we are willing to do nothing!

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