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This Feeling Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by amira helmy, Egypt Dec 24, 2007
Freedom of Expression   Poetry


Sitting on my bed having this feeling
Starring and unbarring as if I’m not healing
Are all these dreams real?
Will it be done and make me feel?
Or am I still living inside my imagination
Climbing hills & passing rivers of my creation
Still in this pink room with lit candles
thinking of things that are endless?
What fascination with a dreadful essence;
What fool am I to believe this falseness?
Fable, deceitful or let me say the truth
Are you here to remind me of the myth?

Tales of cowardice
Or fictions of the courageous-
What am I to believe?

Who is he to disdain?
And who are you to complain?

Let me put it clear:
I’ll dream till I lose my fear
To the extent of becoming unreal
And blushing to you my dear.
Surprised of my childish idealism?
Well, precious it revives my individualism
To you, take my command
Keep living in dreamland.
For I, do I have a salvation?
Yes, I have got one huge inspiration
Living with flowers bright in my eyes
While others see it as lies.
Enough for now honey-bees
I have to go and sleep, please
However tomorrow is the start of our journey
We will build castles and honestly enjoy our odyssey.



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Writer Profile
amira helmy

Hello, my name is Amira and I'm 18 years old. I have been writing since I was 14 years old. I even used to create stories and act them out with my friends when I was about 7 years old.

I want to persue my dream and become a best selling author. writing poems now and novels soon inshallah :)

Loved it
batool | Feb 19th, 2008
Amira ezayek ya bet;) I really enjoyed reading it and kind of felt it my own way. I loved "I’ll dream till I lose my fear" "Living with flowers bright in my eyes While others see it as lies" Thank you for sharing this :)

Mamdouh Osama | Feb 19th, 2008
walah..you have no idea how much i like it..!!! and by the way the dreams it's the salvation..!! specially in this days..and this country..!!

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