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Poetry is for those who are in love with words. Where words are pushed to their breaking point and are transformed into pure emotion.

Featured Poetry

Forgotten Heroes in History (Human Rights)
by Michael Merritt
The heroes were passionate people in motion. They starred down double barrow shotguns of death and did not flinch. With their feet deeply rooted in the moral high ground they vowed to change the...

Love for Nature (Education)
by Priya, Canada
Fall in tune with nature Wilderness' gentle pace That teaches us to wait For nature's surprises Once you are in Hilly terrains Nature's gifts lie all around you Waiting to be Explored...

"For the Youth" (Culture)
by Timothy G. Branfalt Sr.
"For the Youth!" Let this note be for the young- as they have seen what's just begun. A world of which we're born together, in hate and Love, we'll not choose whether- Whether it...

My Renaissance (Culture)
by Ikram Ullah, India
I lived like thou, a life, but no quarry a soul so freakish And a body so dormant A Boy Wild about Wild, Dead of ambitions, With no thought of Life Thee called me Yokul. Was...

Adult Learning, where are you? (a tribute to learners and educators) (Education)
by David Kapp, South Africa
Adult Learning, where are you? (a tribute to learners and educators) In the beginning, CNE, Christian National Education. Hewers of wood and drawers of water, Coloured Affairs, Indian...

Children talk as they’re taught (Culture)
by EYSELPEYT, Pakistan
“Picture, Kamoro Young Man in His Traditional Attire”, by Harya Children are like sponges, They easily absorb what they see and sense. What they see and hear, think and feel, They will...

Ocean of tears (Environment)
by Louis-Mathieu Lavoie
As they crush everything along their way As they cut everything on their trail Never the same will it stay Humanity is going to fail All this time lost in history It will disappear in a...

Feeling skinny feels great...? (Health)
by Itzel, United States
This poem expresses the struggle in the mind of somebody battling with anorexia: the conflict between self-perception and reality. It does feel great ! I can’t stand the hunger. I’ve been...

The refugee's diary (Refugee Rights)
by Mutebi Papa Bwakya
From my home in my mother country, I packed up and fled, seeking food and security, and perhaps a warm bed. I toiled against hope, trekking the hot terrain. Thoughts swelled my mind; they...

Minus productivity (Education)
by Ayo Morakinyo
Picture, "Muri wanting to sleep :)," by Eszter You wake up and it’s late in the morning It’s ten o’clock but you’re still yawning Your mates are already off to work But for you, even that...

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