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The refugee's diary Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Mutebi Papa Bwakya, Zambia Jun 17, 2010
Refugee Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


From my home in my mother
country, I packed up and fled,
seeking food and security, and
perhaps a warm bed.

I toiled against hope, trekking
the hot terrain.
Thoughts swelled my mind; they
were driving me insane.
All I wanted was peace and a
chance to achieve my dream,
To care for my family and spoil
my mother like a queen.
But here I am now; an alien in
another country,
Feeling unconsidered;
wondering if they ’ll ever count

How do I escape the pain, how
do I escape the fear?
With all those nights I cried, how
can I possibly shed another tear?
The memories run deep, and the
nightmares are recurrent

To everyone the fact that I’m not
from here is apparent.
How do I love again? My heart
has turned cold.
Inside I’m filled with rage and all
these grudges that I hold.
Is it better to live in self pity than
not to live at all?
Was it better for me to have died
than to have a safe place to go?

I never wanted this name, I never
wanted this title;
To be called a Refugee is
something I’ve never wanted at

I know I’m not alone, but that
doesn’t make me feel better.
From where will I begin when I
return to my country later?
I know I want to go back to the
place from which I came.
Anticipating the devastation; I
know things are not the same,
But I want to return, and help it
reclaim its glory.

I want to be remembered, with
my name mentioned in history.
I don’t like my situation, but I’m
grateful I’m alive.
I will work extra hard, and with
that I will survive,
With that I will excel, to live long
and tell the tale
Of a refugee who made it; a story
that will sell.
And once again I find hope in the
worst of my situation,
Grateful that people are allowed
to seek refuge in other nations.
And next time you see me, you’ll
know that it is true
A refugee like me
is much like you.



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Writer Profile
Mutebi Papa Bwakya

I'm a young Zambian male trying to express my views and be the change I want to see in the world. I do a wide range of writing; mostly poetry. TIG.org gives me a chance to share my work with the world.

Gayatri Relan | Oct 26th, 2011
Heartbreaking yet inspiring! Love the way you've expressed courage and optimism here.

Adanna Chigbo | Apr 12th, 2012
First off, such a simple title; yet it was the first thing that caught my attention scrolling on TIG. And with an attitude as that reflected in your writing you really will be a "refugee with a story to tell". Great things come to those who have faith and work for it. Have faith and work hard!

Love it!
Emperor Omorogiuwa Edionseri | Oct 13th, 2010
God bless your positive energy and all the best!

Isong | Jul 15th, 2014
Good poem! More of a soliloquy.

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