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(Refugees of)The wars in former Yugoslavia (Opinions) 16-08-2004
by Matija
It has been 13 years since my country became independent and the war was started. It all began in June 1991; Slovenia was the 1st Yugoslav country to proclaim independence, immediately followed by Croatia. The JNA attacked both, but many say that...

Nuevos Aires tras el exilio (Short Story) 22-03-2006
by simon
Hace ya algún tiempo que me encuentro en la ciudad de Buenos Aires y me ha servido para ver muchos contrastes (comunes a cualquier país latinoamericano, pero también reargentinos). Hablaré desde la típica mirada de una persona del común,...

A Country Where “Digital” is Just a Myth (Opinions) 26-07-2004
by Enzo Maria Le Fevre Cervini
Sudan: since history can remember, this name in Arabic means “land of the black people.” Lately Sudan is not only land to black people but to Arabs as well. The biggest African country has been home to me for three months this year. From Italy, I...

A Letter (Short Story) 27-07-2004
by Rare breed
Dear Refugee, I have always wanted to ask you, how do you feel? Being forced to leave everything that you knew to be: To be safe To be real To be right To be just To be yours? How does it feel to go to a new place in which; it matters...

And When They're All Legal? (Opinions) 3-06-2002
by Jeremy
The presence of Mexican day-laborers in this country has resulted in the formation of groups such as the Sachem Quality of Life Organization and the American Patrol. These groups feel that there should be no illegal immigrants in this country,...

Bhutanese Refugees: If Repatriation Fails, Will Integration and Resettlement Succede? (Short Story) 4-08-2003
by John Narayan Parajuli
More than 20 million people worldwide have been languishing as refugees in UNHCR run camps. These people include both internally and externally displaced ones. As the frequency of conflicts and wars 're rising, it is less likely that the flood of...

If I Were a Refugee (Poetry) 15-12-2008
by Meredith Flanner
If I were a refugee, it wouldn't be nice. I wouldn't be able to wash very often and all that I 'd eat, is rice. If i were a refugee, I wouldn't have a bed. So when I go to sleep at night, I'd have nowhere to rest my head. If i were a...

Just my thoughts... (Opinions) 1-04-2008
by Nekesah
The other day I sat down and thought to myself about how people become IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons). No, it was not that I want them to be displaced, but the most amazing thought came into mind while I was in church. (Yes, I was in church...

Lack of International Pressure on Situation of Bhutanese Refugees (Opinions) 10-09-2003
by John Narayan Parajuli
How keen is the global community to find a "just and lasting" solution to this long held up Bhutanese Refugee Crisis? Perhaps there is no denying that the International community is equally interested in finding a solution to this prolonged...

Our citizens in exile (Opinions) 3-08-2008
by Edward Jolotee Foiryolo Sr.
I am one of those Liberians who left Liberia at the inception of the war in1990. I had the opportunity to be sponsored by the United Nations through a German program called DAFI, but despite that I have suffered being a refugee. I have since...

Refugees (Poetry) 20-06-2007
by erick ochieng otieno
A cruel world it is Or is it not A better world it is Or is it not People laugh People cry People get excited People are people Others have all they yearn for Others search for it Others have to sacrifice all Others still, robe from...

Refugees do Have a Place Called Home (Opinions) 14-08-2004
by Giang Nguyen
This monthly theme is Refugees, and to tell you the truth, when I think of Vietnam, I could see no relevance at first. Refugees have never been a pressing problem to us, at least on the coverage, and the problems involved have never emerged as...

Refugees: Do they Deserve the Plight? (Opinions) 15-09-2004
by caesar
Hearing, reading and watching the highlights about refugees are no news today. Yet, we brace the 21st century with globalization driven by technology that’s made planet earth a village, a village that’s supposed to be warm with harmony prevailing;...

Situation of Refugees (Interviews) 29-06-2007
by Djibril
June 20th 2007-Senegal: World Refugee Day, NGOs urgently call upon the authorities and the international community to take action. With the theme “Local Integration”, World Refugee Day was celebrated all across Senegal. Several humanitarian...

The Eternal Refugees (Opinions) 3-08-2004
by Zuhra Bahman
(I acknowledge the hospitality of people of Pakistan and Iran for hosting Afghan refugees for so long. I acknowledge the hard work and financial resources that goes toward the improvement of the situation facing Afghan refugees world wide. I...

The Impact of Afghan Refugees on the Natural Resources of Pakistan (Opinions) 31-07-2002
by Hania Aslam
Driven from their homes with little food and few possessions, refugees commonly turn to the environment as a means of support. Many are unaware that their actions are, in fact, exploiting natural resources to an extent that may have severe...

The refugee's diary (Poetry) 17-06-2010
by Mutebi Bwakya
From my home in my mother country, I packed up and fled, seeking food and security, and perhaps a warm bed. I toiled against hope, trekking the hot terrain. Thoughts swelled my mind; they were driving me insane. All I wanted was peace...

Wipe My Tears! (Poetry) 18-01-2009
by Miyar De'Nyok
My tears! My tears! My tears! Who will wipe tears? Oh! People of the world, Where are you to rescue me? Where are you to listen to me? Where are you to comfort me? I am a refugee, I did not choose to be one. But a situation gave me...