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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
If I Were a Refugee Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Meredith Flanner, Australia Dec 15, 2008
Human Rights , Refugee Rights   Poetry


If I were a refugee, it wouldn't be nice.
I wouldn't be able to wash very often and all that I 'd eat, is rice.

If i were a refugee, I wouldn't have a bed.
So when I go to sleep at night, I'd have nowhere to rest my head.

If i were a refugee, I'd be running day and night.
And any gunshots I would hear, would give me quite a fright.

If I were a refugee, I might get placed in a camp.
It would be horrible, yucky, wet and damp.

If i were a refugee, I'd want to get a visa.
To go to Australia or the leaning Tower of Pisa.

But....I'm not a refugee and I have a comfy bed.
A roof, a house and food and shelter over my head



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Writer Profile
Meredith Flanner

My name is Katerina and I am in grade 5 at a primary school in Melbourne, Australia. My teacher, Meredith has been teaching us about refugees and human rights. As part of our topic, I was asked to write a poem and here it is!
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