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Who inspires you? Who inspires you? Conduct an interview with someone who has done something that you think would inspire other TIG members as well!

Featured Interviews

Meet Tanja Simidtchieva (Informal/Experiential Learning)
by Romina Oliverio, Switzerland
Tanja Simidtchieva has been an online volunteer with NABUUR since 2007. Since joining NABUUR, she has undertaken various roles, including that of online project manager. Below she shares her...

Meet: Mariel (Culture)
by Chiara C., Mexico
Mariel is a TakingITGlobal volunteer whose passion and enthusiasm are truly contagious! She was a volunteer Community Animator for TIG's Youth Media Exchange platform (www.ymex.org) and is now...

Herbs for general treatment? (Culture)
by Jakomwodo, Kenya
The underground circumstance of a 50 year old David Andati who rolls life in the city of Kwajenga as an African traditional medicine man is common place to any squalid slum that may tickle your...

Perpetual Prayer: a Young Muslim Woman’s Great Journey (Culture)
by Marcia C. Schenck, Western Sahara
A five year old girl is sitting, her head bent over a piece of wood, concentrating on a verse from the Qur'an at five o’clock in the morning. When the strict, old Imam with his long stick calls her...

The impending class war in Kenya (Globalization)
by Bernard Muhia, Kenya
The French riots of 2007, which were a horrific representation of a class war, and the recent spate of violence in South Africa are probably where Kenya is headed. According to Dr. Sobbie Mulindi,...

Gbenga's Advice for the Young and Aspiring (Education)
by Heather Girling, Nigeria
Gbenga Uriel Ogunjimi, a leader within his field of social entrepreneurship, recently achieved recognition for his efforts and motivation in promoting employment opportunities for Nigerian youth....

Story of Village Galleries (Culture)
by Village Galleries, Tanzania
It was almost two years ago when an idea ‘clicked’ in the minds of a group of teachers from Toronto, Canada. After watching an Academy-award winning documentary titled ‘Born into Brothels’ – a...

Talking With a Niger-Delta Militant (Peace & Conflict)
by Terhemba Aindigh, Nigeria
23:45hrs: New Year’s Eve. Fifteen minutes before the year 2007 I heard an odd explosion. I could humour myself by assuming they are just fireworks, after all, it’s a festive season and...

From the Maghreb Atlas Mountains to America’s Appalachian Mountains (Media)
by Slim MENZLI, Tunisia
As a Tunisian Fulbrighter, I was so jubilant to discover Kantara, a Tunisian-American group that epitomizes cross-cultural exchange, openness and tolerance through art. Kantara is a celebration...

Captain Jerry Coffee – Vietnam War POW, Keynote Speaker, Author and Media Commentator (Culture)
by Jay-R Patron, United States
Evan Leong: Welcome to Greater Good Radio, Hawaii, where we develop tomorrow's leaders by bringing you up close and personal with today's top businesspeople. Greater Good, Hawaii is dedicated to...

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