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Interview: Global Gallery Artist Natasha Tatta Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by C. Gudz, Canada Jul 27, 2005
Child & Youth Rights   Interviews
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Interview: Global Gallery Artist Natasha Tatta (If not already selected, please choose "All" in the Words Each page dropdown box and click "view" to activate language translations)

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Profile: Natasha Tatta
Join Date: 2004-11-13
Country: Greece
Age: 26
Did you know? : Natasha has 30 Global Gallery Submissions

CG: Natasha, at what age did you become an artist, and how did you know?

NT: I’ve only been recognizing myself as an “artist” the last couple of years. However I do believe it was something that was always in me. I knew this because I always had a strong sense of creativity in all areas of my life as far back as I can remember.

CG: How did you first hear about TakingITGlobal and what made you decide to become a member?

NT: I had initially found the Global Gallery through a search engine looking for a site to expose my work. It was through finding the Gallery that I then realized the vastness of TakingITGlobal.

CG: Your painting "Glimpse to the Soul" was selected as the winner out of 63 submissions in the "To Be a Woman" contest in March. In my opinion, your painting was not only deserving of the distinction, but also an excellent statement on the Theme topic, Women's Rights. The description of your painting read: "A woman is not only beautiful for her luscious hair and her fine lines. What makes her special is the light in her eyes, the lightness of her movements, and the sweetness in her words. These, are all part of the conquest of she who reflects, creates, fights and grows. Every woman is beautiful for the many gifts she sacredly hides inside her, and for donating these gifts to those who will know how to read into her eyes...."

As a 'female artist’ in a medium that historically been dominated by male artists, does it have special meaning for you to represent women in your artwork from your own perspective?

NT: Absolutely! I think that this is quite obvious visualizing my work. I also have a series called “Women of the World.”

CG; You have submitted a number of works to the Global Gallery, 30 to be exact, and there are similar themes throughout - such as women and cats - but also 'exotic' lands. As an Italian woman living in Greece, where do you derive your inspiration to paint images from abroad?

NT: Having grown up in Montreal, a multiethnic metropolitan city, I’m very much intrigued by culture minorities, and different culture societies in general. My “Women of the World” series demonstrates this very well. I may be abroad and far away from home, but what I grew up with will always remain very strong inside me. I do however, also take enormous inspiration from where I am presently living, being nature, animals and the sea. I always seem to incorporate a mountain, a bird or the sea to most of my work. They are the breathtaking things I constantly have all around me. And after four years of living here, I can also say I probably can’t live without them. Let’s also not forget that it is here that I started to paint.

CG: If you could name a famous artist (or artists) as an influence, who would that be and why?

NT: I’m a self-taught artist, and started painting on my own. I do study other artists and their work on a daily basis as this is an extremely good learning tool in art. However I’m truly unable to say which influence me. I can tell you the artists I do prefer: Dali, Da Vinci, Diego, Khalo, de Lempicka… just to name a few, for their geniality and use of color. On the other hand, it may be possible that their style be present in my subconscious when painting, I’ll leave that up to you to judge.

CG: Do you have a favorite piece of artwork, or a favorite artist in the Global Gallery?

NT: Oh, quite many I must say. The Global Gallery has a very wide array of talented and great artists. Keina Davis, Diego Manuel Rodriguez, Babis Kiliaris, and Nathalie Ghioni (which I personally know and have introduced to the Global Gallery) just to name a few!

CG: Five years have past, and we hope many more are to come. And so, we are interested in knowing where our members would like to see TakingITGlobal five years from now. What are your thoughts?

NT: As good as a place as it is today, uniting people from all over the world, supporting artists and holding numerous international youth events. Perhaps I would add…holding a biennial?

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C. Gudz

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Bangladesh Young Journalists Forum | Aug 24th, 2005
I liek u

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