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Making the News: An Interview with Udara Soysa Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by C. Gudz, Canada Jul 27, 2005
Child & Youth Rights   Interviews
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Making the News: An Interview with Udara Soysa (If not already selected, please choose "All" in the Words Each page dropdown box and click "view" to activate language translations)

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Profile: Udara Soysa
Active Rank #17
Date Joined: 2003-12-10
Country: Colombo, Sri Lanka (Residence)
Birthdate: 1984
Did You Know? : Udara has accumulated over 1001 Discussion posts and 93 updates

How did you first hear about TakingITGlobal and what made you decide to become a member?

I had been in constant touch with the nation1 web site with many of my friends being a part of this network. With the upcoming WSIS planning and related work in Sri Lanka, I was very interested in getting directly involved with TIG.

So, quite impressively you have accumulated over 1000 discussion posts on TakingITGlobal’s discussion boards. Will you tell us what was the topic of your 1000th post?

The subject of the 1000th post was on against extreme capitalism and extreme religious fanaticism which I believe as one of the elements hindering the world peace in this 21st century. I believe TIG discussions allow us to counter extremism in all forms which is conducive to spreading friendship and goodwill among youth of all nations.

As a follow-up question, can you tell us what discussion thread topics you are most drawn to?

The threads on Iraq war was most fascinating and informative. I think the thread was read by more than ten thousand people and the thread lasted for thirty or forty odd pages.

In addition to your huge involvement in the discussion boards, you also have 91 updates many of which link to news briefs and articles about Sri Lanka. And as your profile states, you are also a freelance journalist. Why is reporting the news important to you?

Many news agencies reporting on third world affairs have their own agenda and bias, which contributes to more conflict than peace. I feel there is a need for fair youth-based journalism in the world today which would be conducive to peace making and to the improvement of the intellectual being of the reader, rather than blinding the reader with racial and nationalistic sentiments.

This is probably a subject very close to your heart, but I would like to ask you about the impact of the December 26 Tsunami on Sri Lanka. During this time, you were very active on the discussion boards and in keeping your TIG updates. Did writing about your experience help you deal with your feelings?

The writing on the disaster was one of the ways I was able to vent and release the frustration and helplessness at the time of disaster. We had been dealing with many dead bodies - the numbers were simply countless. Coming to the TIG boards and the encouragement of TIG members boosted my morale as well as my strength. I am very grateful for the TIG discussion boards for that.

Since it is TIG’s 5th birthday, and we are celebrating ours and our members achievements, we are interested in knowing your opinion. Where would you like to see TakingITGlobal in 5 years?

I would see TIG as a platform to gather up youth and enable and empower them in meaningful projects and programs to make a true difference in the world. TIG had been utilizing youth to make differences in many regions of the world and it’s still expanding.


Fazendo a notícia: Uma entrevista com Udara Soysa

Perfil: Udara Soysa
Rank de Atividade: 17º Lugar
Data de Adesão: 10/13/2003
País: Sri Lanka
Idade: 20
Você sabia? : Udara acumulou mais de 1001 posts nos fóruns de discussão e 93 posts

Como você soube sobre a TakingITGlobal e o que fez você afiliar-se

Estive em contato constante com o website da Nation1 Com vários amigos fazendo parte dessa rede. Com o planejamento do WSIS e o trabalho no Sri Lanka, fiquei muito interessada em participar diretamente da TIG.

Então é muito impressionante que você tenha acumulado mais de 1000 posts nos fóruns de discussão da TakingITGlobal. Você nos diria sobre o que foi o seu 1000º post?

O assunto do 1000º post foi contra o capitalismo extreme e o fanatismo religioso extreme que eu acredito como um dos elementos atrapalhando a paz mundial no século 21. Acredito que as discussões TIG permitem-nos contar o extremismo em todas as formas que conduz a espalhar a amizade e a boa-vontade entre jovens de todas as nações.

Como uma questão que continua o assunto anterior, você pode nos dizer quais linhas de discussão te interessam mais?

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Writer Profile
C. Gudz

This user has not written anything in his panorama profile yet.

An honor to know Udara
clarita zarate | Sep 10th, 2005
I have been deeply inspired by Udara's words and especially by his acts of kindness. I have learned a lot through reading his articles about peace and conflict. Becoming his friend has been spiritually enlightening for me. I am thankful to tig for all the beautiful hearts that have been drawn together here and who bring hope to young people all over the world.

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