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Poetry is for those who are in love with words. Where words are pushed to their breaking point and are transformed into pure emotion.

Featured Poetry

The Loss of Mental Metamorphosis (Human Rights)
by Satis Shroff: Lecturer, Author, Poet, Singer(MGV-Kappel) Germany, Germany
Eight Indians on the run, Fifty Neonazis behind them. 'Deutschland den Deutschen, Ausländer raus! Hier regiert der nationale Widerstand!' Roars from the throats of the Neos, Beer in their...

Departed (Media)
by Passionbear
We think we're slick, we think we're cool, we think that God dropped out of school. We think we know, we think we're smart, we think we can live without His heart. We've got all the answers,...

by Ivan Sanes, Colombia
Quisiera, Vestir tu cuerpo con el más sensual de los besos, Congelar tus impulsos en un definitivo si, Llevarte a una sonrisa eterna donde la magia sea realidad. Quisiera, Deslizarme por el...

Slippery Cocoon of Anger (Health)
by michelle, United States
In my medical anthropology class of 2003 students sought to garner truth shoveled between HIV statistics and Africa’s name that day we garnered scaled truth and gossamer-clad solutions....

My Father's Words
by Awosusi Oluwatope
My son, take it easy If they are rushing Don't join them One needs to be calm Before one makes a decision Be careful And believe that the end will be good Patience kills a cat Cunning is...

Be realistic... (Culture)
by Keely Boom
"Be realistic," you say to me, But to be realistic is to believe. Recognise the problems in our world, But know that we can alter all this and more. Recognise your own failings and sin,...

by Lyssa May
Such things as these can not avoid your sight, Like two brothers kissing, under flourescent lamplight, And the cannibal devouring his decadent meal by night. Such things my princess...

Ars Poetica-After Willie Perdomo (Culture)
by Jennifer L.
I’m stuck in a poem that sounds like the blastin’ radios inside beat up cars around every corner on da block With the echo of Mami’s Te Quiero This poem looks like an abstract painting...

by Odimegwu Onwumere
Friend I remind you of the song and I sing it Now you’ve forgotten the lines Because it contains love. Where love is the answer The song has to be repeated. Destiny is wonderful, It...

Looking Forward
by Awa Innocent Ndah, Cameroon
Like King Arthur’s Green Knight, My path is clear and scintillates like a gem For the world to attempt to retrieve my hand Like Karl Max instructed in his...

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