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by Yara Kassem, Egypt Mar 29, 2005
Human Rights   Poetry


He was standing up there,

& talking to those millions of people

He looks at them,

His eyes‘re brightening

They’re clapping their hands

They’re screaming,

Those screams of victory & excitement

He’s that symbol of liberation

And freedom…

He gave them back their rights,

Their goods, their freedom

He’s one of them,

Having the same sweat smell,

The same dreams,

The same plans…

He used to hate that reality

That humiliated them all,

Those facts that offended him…

The peasant working in the land

He could never own,

As this category of people

Could never even dream it

Their children could never even

Dream of getting the least of education

What could they ever get?




& Frustration

And what a frustrated population

Could ever give?

He was a leader,

A rebel,

A hero…

A signal for the millions to start moving:

To work, to develop,

To create their own chances,

Their own time,

Their own civilization…

He stood up there

As he always did

& the millions were standing down there

Listening to him

But this time he couldn’t see them

He couldn’t hear their screams of victory

He said:

“My people,

I cannot hear you anymore”

And the people screamed:

“We’re right here for you,

We can hear you,

But we want you to hear us,

See us and feel us “

He couldn’t hear them,

He got frustrated that they lost

Their enthusiasm,

That they lost him and he lost them…

THEY built that glass wall

Between him & his people

They could see him,

Hear him standing there

Talking, screaming and sacrifing

His life for them…

But he couldn’t see them or hear them,

THEY isolated him,

Built that wall around him,

He couldn’t see them violated,


By THEM…by his men…

By his soldiers,

He thought they were building

Bridges so everyone would find his way

To freedom, to success

Not knowing they were building walls

And prisons to abort his project,

And murder the new born freedom…



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Yara Kassem

This user has not written anything in his panorama profile yet.

clarita zarate | Aug 15th, 2005
I found this very interesting. I keep wondering who you were thinking about.

olawale | May 27th, 2005
this is great. tot provoking. like u had A in mind.

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