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A Future Generation without HIV & AIDS (Opinions) 21-02-2007
by Grace Njoroge
HIV and AIDS is the greatest threat facing African today. With the rising figures and almost nil control measures, it makes me wonder ...are Africans in danger of extinction? How can we gang up to create a HIV free generation? Since it was...

African youth in the face of HIV and AIDS: Youth involvement matters (Opinions) 15-02-2007
by fatoki taiye timmy
“If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change”-Micheal Jackson The views that youth form the cornerstone of a nation and are particularly sensitive, energetic, active and potentially productive has been...

AIDS: Be Strong Even If You Are Already Infected (Short Story) 11-12-2007
by Dr. Kyaw Su Thway
A man, or more precisely, a poor farmer, got the HIV virus from a transfusion of infected blood during an operation. Being a man who is very healthy, the virus didn’t show the signs and symptoms of immunodeficiency very fast. Three years...

Can We Avoid Catastrophe? (Opinions) 30-05-2007
by Ken Auma
Today's young people are the AIDS generation. They have never known a world without HIV. Millions already have died. Yet the HIV/AIDS epidemic among youth remains largely invisible to adults and to young people themselves. Stopping HIV/AIDS...

December 1st is Everyday (Opinions) 27-11-2007
by Munaf von Rudloff
December 1st 1988, 19 years ago, I was at pre-school and my mom, then working at my country’s AIDS/STI unit, dropped by to give me a free t-shirt with a fancy logo and a red ribbon. This was the first inkling of the term HIV/AIDS. In Botswana,...

HIV positive with a positive attitude (Poetry) 2-10-2009
by Mutebi Bwakya
This is my story, I'm positive with HIV. My thoughts filled with visions of places I'll never see, Places I'll never go, with people I'll never know; All for the reason that death is knocking at my door. So I'm feeling quite helpless as I...

HIV Risk Linked to Women's Sexual Rights (Opinions) 12-09-2003
by k
"I really trusted my husband," says Rabina Thapa, a 25-year-old woman. She knew she hadn't had sex with anyone else, so when she tested HIV-positive she felt "totally shattered." Namrata husband didn't use condoms even though, as she later...

HIV/ AIDS education in rural Nigeria (Opinions) 26-02-2009
by Everistus Olumese
I had a glimpse into the knowledge of HIV possessed by rural Nigerians recently during a training on Life Building Skills organized by my organization for our volunteers. Not only did they not know what the acronym HIV/AIDS means but they...

HIV/AIDS and morality (Opinions) 22-08-2005
by Adeolu Adewoye
HIV/AIDS and morality Human immunodeficiency virus is, for sure, a big issue in many fields of life. In the science world it has become a battle and to society it has become one of the most deadly viruses. The saddest part is the attribution of...

HIV/AIDS Education (Opinions) 16-10-2006
by Madelaine
With the lowest national HIV prevalence rate in Central America at 0.2%, Nicaragua is statistically dominating its region in the fight against AIDS. It is therefore somewhat of a juxtaposition that Nicaragua has the lowest GDP per capita in all of...

HIV/AIDS: Global Problem, Local Solutions (Opinions) 9-09-2005
by Chloe
“No one wants to be rejected by their society. Your friends, your family, no one would talk to you. I wouldn’t want to do that.” As I lay in bed with my older host-sister Metarere, her genuine words provided the most clarity to the taboo...

HIV/AIDS: In Search of a Cure - ARVs vs Herbal Remedies (Opinions) 9-03-2007
by Ntwale Siulanda
A Survey by the World Health Organization (WHO) carried out 20 years ago had revealed that 80 per cent of the health delivery systems in Third World countries, which include Zambia, constituted of traditional medicine. However, in recent times,...

If it glitters, it comes at a price (Short Story) 15-07-2008
by Juliejacqui
This is the story of Rita, a young woman whose life took a turn when she was seventeen years old. Rita was a high school student living in one of the slum areas of Nairobi called City Carton. She was in her final year, waiting to do her Kenya...

Illegimate International Debt (Opinions) 29-10-2003
by kristin haltinner
There are over 14 million orphaned children in Africa, a continent in which orphans would not have existed before the AIDS epidemic wiped out nearly an entire generation of people. According to the Global Exchange this number could escalate to 40...

In case: a letter to the lukewarm (Poetry) 12-08-2009
Part 1: …You Tell “Not at this time!” You just told me. I’d thought you’d Exercise some patience, Look around you Then tell me, that is, If it is still necessary To say: “not at this time!” But, you just told me, Even when the world...

Let’s sign an agreement (Poetry) 18-06-2008
by Raphael Mlozoa
I know you were an enemy before, But now that we are living together Let us sign an agreement. I’m talking to you, HIV virus, Before I responded, " Positive " to you, I’m saying you were a threat; But now let’s sign an agreement. If...

Longing (Poetry) 15-12-2005
by Azira Binti Aziz
I long for the sun to shine and to take me away from all the deceptions and sweet things said to lighten my heart in all its falsehoodness I long for friends I knew now blank faces with names that I could not match to laughter shared,...

Meeting the Rights of Young People in HIV/AIDS Prevention (Opinions) 29-05-2006
by Nduka Ozor
HIV/AIDS has become a disease of young people, with nearly 7,000 infections occurring among 15 - 24 years olds everyday. HIV/AIDS is unarguably a disease fueled by poverty, gender inequality and complacency. In Sub-Saharan Africa, many young...

My calling (Short Story) 5-06-2010
by Edelqueen Shioso
Hallo! I am 21 years old and a 3rd-year university student. Some years back, when I was 15-years-old, I got herpes zoster. I later found out that I had HIV. I am the lastborn in a family of five. My mother died of AIDS in 1996, while my father...

Open sex communication/education and HIV/AIDS prevention among Nigerian adolescents and youth (Opinions) 18-03-2005
by Kingsley Essomeonu
Nigeria is facing a devastating HIV/AIDS epidemic. Most new infections occur between the ages of 14-25 years. At the current rate of infection, half of the Nigerian population, currently 15 years or younger, could die of HIV/AIDS. Reducing the...

Our Cries (Poetry) 10-01-2009
by Precious Ediomo-Abasi
As the rain dropped, I remembered my pains and fear I wept every day; I could not bear! They mutilated me with a sharp, unsterilized object and I was declared HIV positive. My world has collapsed! This was the cry of a mutilated girl....

Preventing HIV among vulnerable youth (Opinions) 21-10-2009
by Ziaul ahsan
The information gap on HIV/AIDS/STD among the adolescents, adults and general population including people with risk behavior is high in Bangladesh. About 88% of adult males do not know about the need for prevention and 96% female adults are also...

Program Opens Eyes to Plight of AIDS Victims (Short Story) 19-09-2007
by Luu Xuan Vinh
NINH BINH — Many men from Kim Son District, in the northern province of Ninh Binh, are migratory workers. It is the stress of having to leave their communities to find work that is being blamed for the relatively high incidence of HIV/AIDS...

Receiving Stations (Opinions) 6-01-2004
by Abongta Shu Moncha Brain
One’s life is a gigantic role-plying episode. At any one time in life, we are playing or assuming a particular role. How well and successful we sail through the hurdles of this life depends then on how well we play our roles along the line. For...

Repositioning Africa's youth for global relevance (Interviews) 4-03-2009
Congratulations to you fellow advocates in Nigeria and beyond. I am happy sending this monthly piece to you as a motivation for our continued struggle to ensure a better and safe world. Thanks a lot for responding to my emails: Hi, my name is...

Role Played by Women in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS in Nigeria (Opinions) 25-11-2005
by Amos Ayooluwa Ogunsola
The woman holds position in the social and domestic spheres in the society, which makes her a major determinant in the prevention and/or fight of the HIV/AIDS scourge. The percentage of women who contact HIV/AIDS through the act of an unfaithful...

Safe sex is great sex, prevention is the key (Short Story) 9-05-2010
by ksfeg
Picture, "AIDS Awareness in a child's point of view," by Rajendra B Surlekar Pregnancy is a wonderful gift, as good as sex, but both can also be your worst nightmare. Getting pregnant when you are not ready for it can almost ruin your life....

SAVE OUR FUTURE (Poetry) 12-04-2007
by Adeshola Komolafe
Youths are the leaders of tomorrow They are the light of the world They are the hope of our future This faith we hold is true A dream the entire world share Our hope of excellence On our future is stayed Our world is complete Except...

The Black Poet... (Poetry) 16-01-2009
by Akinbo, Adebunmi Adeola
They claim they are White and we are Black, What people say... ...Oh, what people say; They tell us to sit is take the seat, while soldiers are told to sit up rather than sit down; HIV/AIDS is on a visit to Africa,...

The Church and AIDS (Opinions) 1-12-2008
by Thuputu Nyekha
Today is "World Aids Day", 1st December, 2008. For the sake of commemorating this important day, I propose the popular slogan "Know AIDS for no AIDS," especially on the topic, the Church and AIDS. I attended the funeral service of an...

The Little Dash (Opinions) 30-03-2008
by Remish Gasiano
We were at the burial of our beloved friend and brother who died of AIDS-related illnesses. He was the third person we were burying in just one month. Everyone knew how intelligent he was. And his talent in Soccer was an open secret. He was just...

The need to strengthen HIV and AIDS campaigning in constituency programmes (Opinions) 18-11-2008
by Ella Offiong
The issue of creating more awareness on HIV and AIDS should not be overlooked globally. Despite the campaigns that have already been carried out, only a little difference has been made from the last sero-sentinel survey. This can be attributed to...

The Nigerian Position on Orphans And Vulnerable Children (Opinions) 23-09-2006
by David Habba
UNAIDS and WHO estimates for 2004 show that there is a huge and growing number of orphaned children in Africa. Estimates for 26 African countries suggest that the number of orphans from any cause will increase by around 50% between 1990 and 2010....

The Spectre of Cannibalism in Sub-Saharan Africa (Opinions) 24-09-2009
by Norma
The era of AIDS has birthed strange happenings in Kenya and across the sub-Saharan African (SSA) region in general. Earlier during the epidemic, it was rumored that a sexual encounter with a virgin could cure one of HIV/ AIDS. This helped to...

The wrong World AIDS Day (Opinions) 4-12-2008
by Nico
I would like to share some thoughts about World AIDS Day. The day has come and gone, and I sit wondering how the festivities went in Zambia, a place I once called home. I've never heard anyone discussing the other side of this day, the side that...

Their Cries Go Unheard (Opinions) 3-11-2003
by Ian Beacock
HIV/AIDS is an epidemic that is devastating Africa day by day, and the statistics are inconceivable. 42 million people in the world live with HIV/AIDS, including 3.2 million children. 980 000 live in North America. 29.4 million People in...

Traditional Healers and HIV/ AIDS (Opinions) 20-06-2008
by Ndiwalana
67% of Ugandans reside in rural areas where modern healthcare services for HIV/ AIDS, other STDs and Malaria are scarce and far beyond their financial reach. The majority of these people are subsistence farmers earning less than $1 daily. With the...

Youth Involvement in HIV/AIDS Struggle (Opinions) 5-01-2005
by obi obiorah
That HIV/AIDS is a condition of the youth is neither an overstatement nor a closely guarded secret. AIDS was recognised as a global crisis by the mid 1980s. Over half of those infected with HIV are under 25 years of age - precisely between ages...