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Our Cries Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Precious Ediomo-Abasi, Nigeria Jan 10, 2009
Human Rights , HIV/AIDS , Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


As the rain dropped,
I remembered my pains and fear
I wept every day; I could not bear!
They mutilated me with a sharp,
unsterilized object
and I was declared HIV positive.
My world has collapsed!
This was the cry of a mutilated girl.

They made me cry with pains,
and I had no gains,
I tried my best but they called me a pest.
They wished I was a boy
and did not let me rest.
I was a queen in my dream
but now I only wake to scream.
This was the cry of a poor girl.

They took my diet
And gave me no right,
I was told to sleep with his corpse
and was given water from his corpse
to drink in cups!
They stripped me naked like a mad woman.
I knew it was just a matter of time.
This was the cry of a poor widow.

I walked all day with pains,
He was much bigger, higher and older
and I was quite small, I was only a toddler.
I was raped at will by this pedophile
He said I was worthless.
Meanwhile, I thought I was worthwhile.
My life is in ruin and in danger.
This was the cry of a teen wife.

Why is this tradition so wicked?
It has stripped us naked.
Our fears, our strength, our hearts are gone.
Where is our dignity?
Let's put our hands together
and fight these practices
for a better future.
Cry no more, beloved, there is a solution.



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Writer Profile
Precious Ediomo-Abasi

Hello buddy! I am Precious Ediomo-Abasi. I started writing by scribbling stuffs on paper about people around me, God helped me they never caught me, else...
I will be done with reading medicine very soon by God's grace. My sister Peculiar did inspire me to write, you know how it goes, i see her write ups and am like waoh!
I was of recent awarded the best poet of the year by Echonews.I love reading the biographies of outstanding people like President Barack Obama. You know how it goes, you will read mine soon, because i am working on it with God on my side. I love making friends with positive minded people like you. You can contact me on 07033462686

The Children Of Abasi
Emperor Omorogiuwa Edionseri | Feb 1st, 2009
She was almost a toddler When I had to, left. Offcourse, well kept. Now, she's a writer. Wow! Even a poet! The Echonews' best! O gracious! See Precious is so precious! Her pen can write Even her rhythm is so right Who would've thought? Men, this is food for thought! If we can only, just try! We might do more than, even fly! I feel like a thousand choirs Carrying so colourful banners, Singing Abasi ya ya ya o! A ya ya o! Abasi ya ya ya o! A ya ya ya o! Permit me this dance, For this is sweet bliss! O gracious! Precious is sure precious! And her sweet elder sister, Peculiar. A woman of a noble tier. Hey! permit me this dance, another once! For this is pure bliss! Abasi ya ya ya o! Eh! A ya ya o! But count this no fairy tale, She so plans to tell this tale, That we're more than words; It's also in our works. The children of Abasi. I've always, now i see, It's the thread of family blood And their Alpha is Jehovah God. Written by: EDionseri ENdurance OMorogiuwa On: 02 feb. 2009, 00:55 Dedicated to the "Ediomo-Abasi Family"

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