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AIDS: Be Strong Even If You Are Already Infected Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Dr. Kyaw Su Thway, Myanmar Dec 11, 2007
HIV/AIDS , Health   Short Stories


A man, or more precisely, a poor farmer, got the HIV virus from a transfusion of infected blood during an operation.

Being a man who is very healthy, the virus didn’t show the signs and symptoms of immunodeficiency very fast.

Three years after being infected with the virus, he became weak, coughing, and had symptoms of tuberculosis.

He went to the local health care center and examined himself as he wanted to know what was happening to him. Then he found out that he was suffering from MDR-TB (multi- drug resistant tuberculosis). The doctor then asked for his consent to check the retro virus in his blood. The farmer didn't think that he was infected so he let the doctor test him.

The results showed he was infected. Being a man from a rural area, he didn’t know much about AIDS. But he did know that he would soon die if he got that disease. It was quite a shock for him. Such a lethal disease!

But he was stronger than we thought. He decided to help peopled infested with HIV/AIDS as much as he could. He urged people in his village to go and get tested to make sure they didn’t have to virus too.

Although he is infected with the HIV virus, he can still work. So, he worked and he saved the money he got from his work to try to help other patients infected with HIV.

He was so motivated doing so. After two years, his time had come. He became ill and had to lie in the bed. As he was very nice to the others, I believe, in return, when he became ill, there were a lot of people who took care of him.

From this example, the ones already infected with the HIV virus should not be depressed. I would like to give you this example as a present and I wish you all could fight the disease till there no drop of force left in your body.



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Writer Profile
Dr. Kyaw Su Thway

I am a Final Part 1 Medical Student. I am interested in critical thinking and controversial affairs.
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