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Longing Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Azira Aziz, Malaysia Dec 15, 2005
Health , HIV/AIDS   Poetry


I long for the sun to shine
and to take me away
from all the deceptions
and sweet things said
to lighten my heart
in all its falsehoodness

I long for friends I knew
now blank faces with names
that I could not match to
laughter shared, tears shed
all the things we went through
togetherness now slipped away

I long for love untold
nor given though held
cause things unsaid-however few
brings not always joy
but strife which breaks hearts
such as mine

I live for what is mine
what I have been blessed with
the present-however dismal
is what I will forge my life with
craving for more, yet grateful still
I will build my life honestly
as I always have.



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Writer Profile
Azira Aziz

There are no definitive truths, there are no definitive facts, all we have are mere opinions, of which significance is derived from consensus.

Rana Lotfy | Jan 19th, 2006
Sad but so true. I think we all reach this stage at some point of our lives.

CM | May 22nd, 2006
It is very sad but on the other hand very beautiful the way have expressed yourserlf it has touched my heart!

annaise kabbatende | Jul 2nd, 2006
i really liked this piece of art coz it really expresses what most of us feel from time to time!!!

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