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Global Education Resources

Looking for ideas to bring global issues and perspectives into your classroom? Check out our growing database of curriculum-linked teaching resources, as well as our thematic classrooms - online learning spaces preloaded with content addressing a range of important issues. Finally, become inspired by the TIGeducators in our Best Practices Guide, who share how they have utilized collaborative technologies to facilitate transformative international learning experiences for their students.

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Explore our collection of lesson plans, research and data, videos, and educational games! Start by selecting a subject or topic:

Best Practices



Thematic Classrooms

These free virtual classrooms come pre-populated with lesson plans and resources related to a range of important issues. Once you create a thematic classroom, you can customize its content and tools to meet the needs of your students and curriculum!

  • Mental Health Mental Health
    Although most youth are directly or indirectly affected by mental illness, mental health remains a difficult topic of conversation for many young people. Designed to help secondary school students learn and talk openly about mental health, this thematic classroom explores issues and topics including brain functions, stress, stigma, finding support, and mental health in the media. Learn more | Preview
  • DeforestACTION DeforestACTION
    These primary and secondary level thematic classrooms were designed to raise awareness about deforestation, with a focus on the destruction of native forests for the commercial production of palm oil, and illustrate what youth can do to reclaim at-risk forests and preserve them for future generations. Learn more | Preview
  • A secondary school resource for a more sustainable future Tread Lightly - A secondary school resource for a more sustainable future
    Exploring climate change through the lens of ecological footprints, this thematic classroom helps secondary school students to understand basic climate change science, develop a sense of personal and collective responsibility for the earth, and adopt more environmentally friendly habits and behaviours. Learn more | Preview
  • Youth perspectives on food choices and food systems GRUB - Youth Perspectives on Food Choices and Food Systems
    Utilizing the Photovoice technique, this thematic classroom encourages intermediate and secondary school students to ask important questions about the food we eat, where it comes from, how we make food-related decisions, and the local and global impacts of these choices on human and community health. Learn more | Preview
  • The Orange Revolution Orange Revolution
    This thematic classroom helps secondary school students explore issues related to human rights, good governance and political stability by examining the Ukrainian Orange Revolution in 2004 and 2005. Particular focus is placed on the role of Canadians and Canadian organizations during this period. Learn more | Preview
  • Ayiti: The Cost of Life Ayiti: The Cost of Life
    Developed to support learning through the Ayiti role playing game, this thematic classroom helps intermediate and secondary school students explore how rural poverty affects individuals, families and communities in developing countries such as Haiti. Learn more | Preview
  • TIG Xpress - HIV/AIDS TIG Xpress - HIV/AIDS
    Young people are amongst those most affected by HIV/AIDS. Drawing on photography and digital media, this thematic classroom provides secondary school students with a participatory educational resource based on social justice, transnational communication, and global solidarity. Learn more | Preview
  • Virtual Classroom on Tobacco Control The Virtual Classroom on Tobacco Control
    Smokers almost exclusively take up the habit during their youth. Designed to help reduce the incidence of tobacco use among secondary school students, this thematic classroom supports learning about the health impacts of first- and second-hand smoke, the exploitative nature of the global tobacco industry, and how to effectively encourage peers to lead smoke-free lives. Learn more | Preview
  • Ride to Learn Ride to Learn
    The World By Cycle expedition is a bicycle circumnagivation of the world that explores the origin stories of everyday things, bringing Adventure Learning to classroom education! The Ride To Learn program thematizes global citizenship, sustainability, and humane education through a variety of engaging and interactive multimedia teaching resources. Learn more | Preview