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Young people worldwide are emerging as the most at-risk group for HIV infection, with rates increasing most rapidly among young women. While global prevention efforts have been mobilized, two major sets of factors are slowing the gains that have been made in HIV/AIDS prevention among youth thus far.

The first surrounds issues of stigma, stereotype, and discrimination that may be contributing to a sense of "complacency, lack of information, and misinformation about HIV/AIDS" (Health Canada (PDF), 2003) among youth in Canada. Second, there is a growing recognition from major organizations such as UNESCO and UNICEF that, unless youth are given a more significant role in producing relevant messages, prevention programmes are doomed to fail.

[t]TIG Xpress HIV/AIDS draws on the potential of media technologies to undertake HIV/AIDS education based on social justice, transnational
communication and global solidarity between youth.[/t]

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Produced with the support of the Government of Canada through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).
Additional support provided by the Walter & Duncan Gordon Foundation.

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