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Welcome to the support page, dedicated to helping you get the most out of TIGed! You might want to get started by exploring our professional development offerings, geared toward teaching and learning for global citizenship, environmental stewardship, and student voice. Or maybe you have a question that can be answered by browsing the TIGed Support Guide, video tutorials, and FAQs. You can also check out the demo classroom to get a sense of what's available to you within TIGed's virtual classroom and collaboration platform.

Can't find what you're looking for? Drop us a line and we'll help you get the information you need.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Online E-courses

Designed to support teachers in enhancing their understanding of and competencies in pedagogies related to global citizenship, student voice and environmental stewardship, our professional development offerings explore global education concepts and illustrate how e-technologies can bring the world into the classroom. Our next e-courses start soon - don't miss them!

School-based Professional Development

The TIGed team can visit your district or school and deliver dynamic professional development to your board, trustees, leadership or staff! E-mail education@takingitglobal.org for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • General

    What is TIGed?

    Who should use TIGed?

    For what grades and subject areas is TIGed beneficial?

    In what languages is TIGed available?

    How much do I need to know about computers in order to use TIGed?

    Why should I choose TIGed over other class management tools?

    My students and I only have computer access at home, not at school. How can we use TIGed?

    How do TIGed activities meet curriculum standards?

    Does TIGed replace traditional lessons plans?

    How are TIGed members using virtual classrooms in order to collaborate?

    How do virtual classrooms protect my students’ privacy and security?

    What is the School Window and how do I use it?

    My students' access to computers is limited. Can I still use TIGed virtual classrooms?

    How much does it cost to have a virtual classroom?

TIGed Support Guide

The cover of the TIGed Manual

The TIGed Support Guide is a practical, step-by-step guide designed to help you understand and utilize the TIGed platform. It includes all you need to know to make the best of TIGed's community, resources, and virtual classroom spaces.



Free Webinars!

Learn more about TIG and TIGed through a series of free, online webinars that introduce our platform and programs. Join us for a comprehensive web tour, a demonstration of our virtual classroom and collaboration space, and an overview all of the resources and opportunities available to you through our educational community.


Demo Classroom

Screenshots of TIGed features

When it comes to technology, the best way to learn is by doing! Visit the demo classroom to familiarize yourself with TIGed's suite of online learning tools. This is your chance to explore, experiment, and let us know what you think!