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The Virtual Classroom on Tobacco Control has been developed to positively influence behavioural intentions and resistance to smoking initiation among young people, inform youth about global tobacco issues and the global impact of their choices and actions, and increase the number of youth involved in tobacco control.

The Classroom contains four interrelated units:

  1. Facts and Figures: Examines the health effects of tobacco, from both first-hand and second-hand perspectives.
  2. The Smoking Zine: Allows students to explore their smoking behaviours and intentions and designed to support healthy decision-making about using cigarettes.
  3. Denormalization: Investigates the tobacco industry's youth-targeted marketing campaigns and highlights avenues for youth action.
  4. and Social Justice: Focuses on the tobacco industry's exploitive practices in developing regions of the globe.

Like all TIGed thematic classrooms, the Virtual Classroom on Tobacco Control also contains interactive discussion boards and online student galleries. Educators are able to post their own unique ideas as well, and comment on which areas have been most receptive by learners and/or helpful to their classroom needs.

The teacher toolkit is designed to accompany the online classroom environment, guiding educators through each section of the Virtual Classroom on Tobacco Control in order to decide which lessons and/or subjects will be most beneficial to their students. Each section includes an overview, learning objectives, individual and group activities, as well as helpful online resources.