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Welcome to our MDG Action Blogs!
Have you recently started a campaign to raise awareness about or mobilize other young people around the Millennium Development Goals? Or have you successfully started a lobbying campaign geared towards your local or national government? Whatever action you have taken, we would like to learn about it! Sharing your experiences good or bad - can be very inspiring for other young people. If you haven't been as active yet, you can use this site to learn what you can do to add your voice to the global fight against poverty!

Think your idea could become a best-practice? Fill out our survey and tell us more about what you are doing. Accepted entries will be highlighted on our best-practice page!

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Posted by: dasha4real (2011-08-06 06:53:32)


Promotion Scolaire
Nous remercions TakingITGlobal pour les actions menées pour l’envasement de la promotion de l’Education au niveau nationale et international. Nous lassons un appel aux autorités National qu’International de rejoindre cet initiative de facilité l’éducation dans le pays en vois de dévelo

Posted by: makela73 (2011-07-01 19:18:40)


Wendy & Miasia

       We're in the seventh grade and we want to empower women in MDG goal #3 "gender equalty' ,because we belive women should have the same rights as men. In many other counrtys they send only boys to school. Women are frequently at a

Posted by: SquashBusters (2011-05-18 16:37:37)


Bryante and Ana

We are in the seventh grade and we are trying to help conquer hunger and poverty.  Our MDG goal is to end world hunger and poverty. We picked this goal because we think that it is the most important.


Did you know that 1.2 billion people live in extreme poverty

Posted by: SquashBusters (2011-05-18 16:33:05)


Simone jaleny kimberly jozef

  hi we are 7th  We are talking about global partnership

Posted by: SquashBusters (2011-05-18 16:03:36)


Alexa, Rose, Anthony

Ok so we are in the seventh grade at a program called squashbusters. Recently we have been dicussing the MDG. Our MDG is to eradicate hunger and poverty. We have found out 3 facts about our MDG. We chose these 3 facts because we think that these facts show the problems in the world that have t

Posted by: SquashBusters (2011-05-18 16:02:47)



       In the world there are a huge amount of people that do not have sanitation products.Our  MDG  goal is environmental sustainabilty and were in 7th grade. Were in squashbusters and we hope that the world can change with help. We dont

Posted by: SquashBusters (2011-05-18 15:59:37)


Best way to awreness raising

During awareness-raising activities, or in everyday life when we try to draw someone's attention on a wrong behaviour, we usually try to awaken emotions, feelings or cognitive processes that may drive people into action. It may be:

  • guilt: because of irresponsible pe

Posted by: issl (2011-01-27 14:35:24)


Purchase tickets in advance: www.blackonwhite.eventbrite.com Black on White Saturday - November 6, 2010 7:00 PM Strictly Black Attire. 81 White St. | New York, NY 10013 www.spaceonwhite.com Theatre for the Free People cordially invites you to "Black on White", an event celebrating the w

Posted by: 4freepeople (2010-10-30 07:00:00)


UN campaign for Standup, take action, end poverty now has began on September 17-19, 2010. In the backdrop, the MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS (MDG) REPORT CARD: MEASURING PROGRESS ACROSS COUNTRIES commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the UN Millennium Campaign is already out. Let us

Posted by: PDey (2010-09-19 05:03:24)