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the millennium development goals
Welcome to TakingITGlobal's page on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)! We are the first generation that can end poverty - we're glad you're here to learn how. No matter what your level of understanding, this site offers you many ways to get involved through action. Now get started! Play the MDG card game, send MDG e-cards, submit artwork and writing, discuss the MDGs in our discussion boards, or tell us about what you are contributing to end worldwide poverty. Plus, find useful resources to download like an action guide and a youth-written policy paper. We can change the world - but only with your voice!
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eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
achieve universal primary education
promote gender equality and empower women
reduce child mortality
improve maternal health
combat hiv/aids, malaria, and other diseases
ensure environmental sustainability
develop a global partnership for development
only with            
your voice
Do you want to learn more about the MDGs in a fun way? Or do you think you already know everything there is to know about them? Then test your knowledge while playing our MDG Card Game! Match the cards, answer the trivia questions, and based on your speed and accuracy, accumulate the most points to be eligible for one of our prize packs.
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Have you recently started a campaign to raise awareness about or mobilize other young people around the Millennium Development Goals? Or have you successfully started a lobbying campaign geared towards your local or national government? Whatever action you have taken, we would like to learn about it! Sharing your experiences – good or bad - can be very inspiring for other young people.
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Do you want to help but don't know how to go about it? Why not download our MDG action guide? Our Campaign Kit also includes many other materials like brochures, stickers, bookmarks and postcards that will help you to get your own MDG Campaign started.
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"Youth and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs):Challenges and Opportunities for Implementation" is a policy paper written entirely by young people. It demonstrates the significant contributions young people are already making to achieve the MDGs and shows what can be done to further increase their support.
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Enter our contest "What I Can Do to Help Achieve the Millennium Development Goals." In your essay, tell us how you, or youth in your country, can work towards realizing the Goals. Entries can be in the form of essays, poems, and short stories – all eligible for a prize pack with lots of neat stuff! The contest closes May 31, 2005.
Global Gallery, in partnership with Art4Development, Inc. is proud to present: "Vision 2015: Your Future." What is your vision for the world in 2015? What will your country be like if the MDGs are realized? What are your hopes for your city and community? What are your personal dreams? Your fears? Send your image to us by May 31.
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e-cards discussion boards
Browse through a variety of unique e-cards and send them to your friends and family. Or, why not go one step further and send an e-card to an influential person in your community, a government official, or a politician? Make others learn and think about the MDGs! Have the MDGs got you thinking? Want to talk about it with other youth? Come join the discussions! Choose a topic like: What are the most effective actions to hold your government accountable? Do young people have the necessary tools? Discuss all these questions and more!
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global stats

Want to find out if your country or region is on track at meeting the MDGs by 2015? Use our interactive Flash Map to find out about various stats related to the MDGs such as HIV/AIDS infection rates, education enrolment ratios or the percentage of youth unemployment in your country.
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