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the millennium development goals
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About Us

Inspiring, informing and involving young people to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals is one of the key program areas of TakingITGlobal and the Global Youth Action Network in 2005.
Learn more on this page about who is involved in the activities!

TakingITGlobal and GYAN staff

Franziska Seel
Millennium Campaign Youth Editor and Communications Coordinator
TakingITGlobal, Canada

Vidar Ekehaug
Liaison to the United Nations and MDG Coordinator
Global Youth Action Network, USA

Luis Davila Ortega
Associate Director
Global Youth Action Network, USA

Millennium Campaign Regional Youth Editors

The task of TakingITGlobal’s Millennium Campaign Regional Youth Editors is to engage TakingITGlobal members and young people in their region, as well as getting the stories heard of those who are contributing to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals through various kinds of actions. If you want to share your story, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the youth editor in your region!

Charlton C. Tsodzo
Southern Africa (based in Zimbabwe)

Fabrizio Scrollini
Latin America (based in Uruguay)

May Fawaz
Middle East and Northern Africa (based in Lebanon)

Mouhamed A. Latif Mbengue
West Africa (based in Senegal)

Oleksiy Kuzmenko
Eastern Europe and CIS Region (based in Ukraine)

Asia-Pacific (based in Vietnam)

Wolfgang Gruendinger
Western Europe (based in Germany)

MDG National Youth Campaigns Advisory Group

TakingITGlobal and GYAN are currently seeking funding to carry out national MDG Youth Campaigns in several countries around the globe. The National MDG Youth Campaigns are an innovative public awareness and action initiative, with the goal to mobilize millions of youth as a driving force behind the efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

A project advisory group has been established to provide guidance for the initiative, make recommendations regarding strategy and implementation, and facilitate collaboration with other interested institutions. The group currently has the following members:

  • Nick Moraitis (Australia), Web Strategy Advisor, Amnesty International
  • Jennifer Corriero (Canada), Executive Director, TakingITGlobal
  • Benjamin Quinto (USA), Executive Director, Global Youth Action Network
  • James Moody (Australia), Member, Millennium Project Taskforce 10
  • Catherine Kamping (Philippines), Co-Chair, Youth Caucus for the Commission on Sustainable Development
  • Emily Freeburg (USA), Chair, United Nations NGO Committee on Youth
  • David Woolcombe (UK), Director, Peace Child International
  • Cameron Neil(Australia), CEO, International Young Professionals Foundation
  • John Gagain (Dominican Republic), Executive Director, Presidential Commission on the MDGs
  • Pera Wells, Secretary General of the World Federation of UNAs
  • Salil Shetty (India), Director, Millennium Campaign
  • Titilayo Akinsamni (Nigerian), Facilitator, Youth Caucus of the World Summit on Information Society
  • Dacil Acevedo Riquelme (Argentina), Regional Coordinator, Youth Employment Summit
  • Nancy Bakir (Jordan), Assistant Secretary-General, League of Arab States