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What actions turn words into lived rights?
Are you living your rights? Who is?
The "Forum on Women's Activism in Constitutional and Democractic Reform" will convene on Parliament Hill, February 13-15, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the historic 1981 Ad Hoc Women and the Constitution conference, that led to creation of Section 28, - the other "notwithstanding" clause in the constitution, promising that "all the rights and freedoms" in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms "are guaranteed equally to male and female persons."

The forum will be the first major post election gathering on "the Hill" to focus on women's rights and political participation.

Registration for this conference opened in December 2005. Due to overwhelming response, conference organizers are scrambling to find ways to increase seating capacity for the event. But places are limited.

Click here to view the agenda for the conference.

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Resolution on Electoral Reform (Microsoft Word, 24.5KB)
Youth Recommendations (Microsoft Word, 47.5KB)
Women and Politics Recommendations (Microsoft Word, 32.0KB)