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In this section TakingITGlobal members voice their opinions about current events and pressing global issues. Read about what youth all over the world are thinking.

Featured Opinions

Heal The World (Human Rights)
by Ezeadi Ozuah
HEAL THE WORLD. Ladies and gentlemen, I have decided to drop a few lines to drive us into memory lane, lest we have forgotten and lest we should be the last to act. I am definitely aware of the...

Climate Change - What Youth can do (Environment)
by Laura Antuna
Climate Change is a topic which has been circulating our everyday lives for some time. Increasing scientific data show that the earth has become warmer as a result of greenhouse gases such as...

Is there Hope for African Youths in 2012? (Globalization)
by Anthony Lukwesa
I opened my eyes very early in the morning on the 1st of January, 2012, then all of a sudden...I was scared to get out of my bed. You see, dear leader, I am a youth with so much energy, a graduate,...

The power of education (Education)
by emmanuel Enow, Cameroon
Without education, to me, the world could have been empty. Education had come to fill in most of the gaps and brought lots of development to the world. No development can really come without...

Let us enable children the Right to Education (Education)
by shilpasayura, Sri Lanka
In the face of emerging global challenges including climatic change, heath, economic crisis and cultural issues, education remains the foundation for innovation and the advancement of human kind....

World Press Freedom (Media)
by Pauline, Canada
Do we create the news? I wonder sometimes how many countries limit the expression of newscasters and reporters. The government and corporations may limit what we see and hear through the news,...

Our Humanity (Culture)
by Mark Jasper
We are but a part of a global family. We are but merely pawns in the game of life, all of us. We are human. Our humanity, some may say, is the only thing that binds every individual in this...

Excessive Drinking and the College Experience (Culture)
by Pedus
Many years ago, being a college student was a thing of pride, as an undergraduate was believed to represent an avalanche of courage, a leader in the making and a candidate for personal and...

Oral traditions: A view from Jamaica (Culture)
by Meeckel B Beecher, Jamaica
Picture, “Elgon Dance Troupe”, by Elgon Youth Brass Band Jamaican society, as we know it today, is reflective of an eclectic group of ancestors from around the world. What we now call...

Second hand or second thoughts? (Technology)
by Raisa Bhuiyan, Canada
Picture, “'Scape”, by Azellica Now more than ever there is a need to harness the weight and power of the customs and traditions that have been passed down to us from our parents,...

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