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Heal The World Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Ezeadi Ozuah, Venezuela May 3, 2009
Human Rights , Education , Peace & Conflict   Opinions
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Heal The World HEAL THE WORLD.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have decided to drop a few lines to drive us into memory lane, lest we have forgotten and lest we should be the last to act.
I am definitely aware of the efforts being made by a whole lot of us humans in trying to salvage the many harms and damages man has caused to our world, yet many still feel we should ruin the world.
First and foremost, my concern is for the younger generations. They are growing into something that no human diction can define or categorize with words. There is a growing concern that youths now derive joy in killing innocent people, either by way of revenge or insanity. We are actually letting all these things happen and we are all keeping our closed eyes and lending deaf ears until it reaches a pedigree that we can no longer contain and it becomes a menace in our society.
Is it that this generation does not receive good formal and informal educations? I guess we can all blame it on “lack of parental responsibility,” or maybe these are well-raised youths but they simply choose to be a part of the destruction. Maybe it is the video games that cause it, or the movies... or we could blame it on alcohol and drugs like cocaine, heroin, cannabis indiga, etc.
I believe that the end justifies the means in which these acts are being committed to put an end to them. If you follow these crimes, they are mostly similar to one another. He goes into a school, shoots many people and then kills himself. Then neighbors and family and friends then say he was a good kid but this went wrong and that went wrong or even that he lived a normal life. Trust me, this will happen again as concerned authorities give deaf ears to such, and until it becomes a menace, before they start holding conferences on how to stop it, it would have already been too late.

Secondly, there is an outbreak of hatred between the USA and its allies, NATO if I may add and Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea... to mention just a few. What brought about and still brings about this canker worm of hatred? What makes these countries in the Middle East and the other in Asia want nuclear power so desperately? And to show superiority one country goes to war claiming weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq and then give room for those who want to show prowess to by saying they are fighting in God’s name. By the way, these countries are all sovereign nations who condone the decisions made and taken by their rulers and politicians and actions of their militia. May I ask how long these elephants will keep fighting and we the grasses keep suffering?
Well, we are the all beneficiaries of this spread of hatred that is much worse than HIV/AIDS and cancer together. It all depends on how fast it is spreading in your part of the world in general, and on you as an individual. Why is all this happening? For sure it has not showed signs of stopping. North Korea launched a test recently, telling us and, in short, making us believe it was a satellite. Are they telling the truth or are they warming up for the actual launch of the ballistic missiles? Why are these countries so interested in having nuclear capabilities? Can’t the resources used to make these weapons be channelled into improving the education, health and general welfare of many in those same countries and regions?

The third issue I’d like to cover is Africa: from slavery to Colonization to "Independence" and now to Neo-Colonialism. There exists what is called the Organization of African Unity (OAU), and for several years this toothless bulldog could not promulgate its aims/objectives and so it culminated into the African Union (AU) with the same old aims and objectives but somewhat refined to suit its new name. Now in Zimbabwe, the President says he is fighting Western influence such that it has impoverished this once beautiful nation. Is President Robert Mugabe doing the right thing or wrong thing for his people to rid his country of Western influence? Is his fight a just cause?
Maybe the African leaders under the same political umbrella called AU could not care less about the sufferings of this sister nation, or maybe it could be that the Zimbabwean President is more powerful than all the about sixty member state nations. No! Maybe they are just minding their own business while innocent people, men, women and children suffer and die of hunger, disease, and starvation.
From Zimbabwe let us move up to Sudan, where the Janjaweed militia--under their government’s approval--are killing innocent people, and nothing can be done to stop them even with the issuance of an arrest warrant to bring the President to Justice over crimes against humanity. Until now, nothing has been done. Reasons being and still being given are that because China has interests and investments in Sudan, the relevant authorities endowed with the responsibilities to help salvage these heinous crimes in Darfur, Sudan, are standstill. So they let the killings and sufferings of these innocent people continue and fight the more convenient issue of Westernization.

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Writer Profile
Ezeadi Ozuah

A result-oriented and highly self-motivated person, I have a good experience in planning, design, and coordination of activities, as well as implementation of management solutions. I am an excellent communicator and have a very good capacity for clear, concise, and logical reasoning, with an analytical approach to problem solving. I believe in investing personal efforts to make the experience at the work place as interesting as possible, as well as in working with others and the management to achieve all organizational objectives. I am also an advocate of firm moral and ethical standards. I keenly await opportunities to assume challenging responsibilities, as I hope they will enhance and optimize my expertise, thus preparing me for significant contributions to the level of performance of any organization that engages my services. I am a very cheerful team player and have excellent interpersonal skills.

Henry Ekwuruke | Aug 13th, 2012
nice piece of writing. Keep writing!

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