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Women's Rights and the Media (Opinions) 6-10-2004
by Nandita Saikia
I've heard it said that fighting for women's rights isn't about obtaining results overnight but about changing the attitudes of people over a period of time and as true as that might be, whether one talks about the implementation of CEDAW, rape,...

"Tok Siti" (Opinions) 1-09-2005
by Azira Binti Aziz
My Nokia 3200 hand phone rang, and I read 'Mummy' on the LCD screen. With a feeling of dread that I rarely felt, I answered the phone. "Hello?" "Ira, Tok Siti..." my Mother sobbed. Two and two clicked together, the long expected but not...

Beauty Myth (Poetry) 9-02-2005
by Rarest Of The Rare
One of the saddest truths of our era Is millions of women around the world Trying to fit a certain criteria A deception they feel obligated to hold Sacrificing financial savings and health In order to have cosmetic surgery In a desperate...

Broken (Poetry) 17-06-2004
by Suraya Asmal
I lay there, battered and bruised A shattered crystal Too quickly dropped, too late caught Yet you smiled and had your way I kicked and fought but You held me down and said: “It’ll be over soon” I despised you You broke me. …and this...

Clipping the Fangs of Gender Violence (Opinions) 20-08-2004
by Ibanga Isine
It was indeed a heart-rending sight at the conference hall of Halal Fountain Hotel, Kaduna State, Nigeria, when the video clips of some of the worst cases of violent behaviours against women were shown to participants of a two-day advocacy...

Closing the Gender Gap (Opinions) 7-12-2006
by alfred ibulu jr
The full participation and involvement of women in every level of society is important for countries striving to become more open, stable and self-sufficient. It has become increasingly clear around the world that investment in women pays off...

Common Sense And Female Leadership In The Workplace (Opinions) 16-04-2007
by Adeshola Komolafe
"'Watch the way you talk to me, you are a woman if you don’t know.' I forbid her to talk carelessly to me; I have a woman like her at home. Boss my foot! She is no different from any other woman out there, always nagging at work. It’s obvious that...

FEMME (Poetry) 7-06-2005
dès ta jeunesse, ton rôle est connu; ta patience montre ta plénitude; ton régard doux et craintif, reflète ton humanité; ta maternité se fait sentir dans ton assurance; jeune fille déjà, tu eveille et donner la joie, ton sourire séduit, sa...

Gender Power (Poetry) 4-02-2009
by Peculiar Ediomo-Abasi
She was to lead a group of males, But, "NO!" she blurted. "I'm female." Quite a lot she could have achieved But engraved in her emotions, It determined her direction. The ego—he had it quite much! But if he hadn't bragged too much, Quite...

Nigerian Women and Nigeria's abysmal program on the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) (Opinions) 12-03-2007
by Amaka
It was Olympe de Gouges, the renowned French writer, who affirmed with a tone of finality in his seminal oeuvre DÈclaration des droits de la femme et de la citoyenne that "la femme naÓt libre et demeure Ègale ‡ l’homme en droits. Les distinctions...

Pounding (Poetry) 6-10-2008
by Tamunobarabi Gogo Ibulubo
Pounding, pounding and pounding at the turning of the clock. Pounding, pounding and pounding the quiet of the night cries. Pounding, pounding and pounding the breathing is heavy and plentiful with the pounding, pounding and pounding: an...

Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women (Opinions) 22-03-2006
By Isata Mansaray 17 Years old - 2nd Prize- TIG Sierra Leone Essay Contest Do you think the MDGs will be achieved and what will be the role of youths in their achievement? MDG Goal #3: Promote gender equality and empower women - Eliminate...

She Is (Poetry) 27-04-2007
She is a woman, so unique Like the most valuable antique A person who claims to be realistic While living a life of a dreamer Is that’s misdemeanor? No, it’s a choice to rejoice. She’s an individual who makes a difference With no...

Strength (Poetry) 20-11-2008
by Kanyiri
I need it, As I'm put down, By you, As you beat me, I have to gather strength. I deserve it, As I fend for my children, Alone, Coz they were deserted, By you, As i I go broke, I need strength. I dream for it, As I watch you leave,...

The day I became a Mamiwata (Short Story) 1-02-2009
by EUCHARIA IGWe Nee-Chukwuma
My big brother Iyke landed that hot, Saturday afternoon full of stories and pictures from his overseas travels. We devoured the stories like food. My mother was extremely happy to see her long lost son. For a while, none of us had known his...

Troubled life (Poetry) 6-01-2008
by Shucheesmita
Life's so bad, It should now end. But what happens if life ends? Lying in the grave? Being forgotten by all? But, is there any other way out? No. I get beaten up mercilessly. Which makes me cry hysterically. I am hated, So cruelly...

We need Female Taxi-Operators (Opinions) 6-06-2008
by Guga
I think the time is ripe for us to have Female Taxi-Operators (FTOs). Gone are the days when Men dominated the Transport Sector to the disadvantage of other road users! Why FTOs? The Male Dominated Transport Sector is taking us through a lot...

What I see (Poetry) 14-05-2008
by Ryno Julio Platt
I open up the newspaper and what do I see? Murder, Rape, Women Killed and Deceased. I’m struggling to comprehend why this is going on, why would a man do so much wrong? Evil seems to be everywhere, around every corner, Mothers- when your...

Women and Motherhood (Opinions) 6-09-2008
by Vittal Koppal
Motherhood is a great moment in women's life. Women by birth have "Motherhood" qualities. It is in her DNA. Consider woman as the embodiment of the Mother Earth; "Earth is one, whereas seeds are many." This has been the basic building block of...

Women's Rights is Human Rights (Poetry) 2-04-2007
by Henry Ekwuruke
Women right is right against poverty Right to human dignity, freedom and respect We dream of a conquered future With our voices together heard We have pleaded to mother earth for assistance The inspiration to mark our limitations Sad...

Women's rights: those which are noticed and those which aren't (Opinions) 6-10-2004
by Nandita Saikia
I've always been fascinated by the media and women's rights and what the media chooses to report and not to report. "Today another woman died ... She died without CNN covering her war. She died without talk of intelligent bombs and strategic...

You Are Beyond (Poetry) 17-12-2002
by Abimbola Babatunde OKUBOTE
We see your Face. Your hand is strong Your voice is great And in the midst of you, We see your Face Many throng on you Others say your hand fills Yes. They keep our being But in the midst of you We see your Face. We see...