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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Citizen Journalism , Gender Equality   Poetry


I open up the newspaper and what do I see?
Murder, Rape, Women Killed and Deceased.
I’m struggling to comprehend why this is going on,
why would a man do so much wrong?
Evil seems to be everywhere, around every corner,
Mothers- when your daughter goes out, you better warn her.
Coz these streets are hazardous these days,
So many females being senselessly slain.

The people's getting tired of standing over open graves,
And I know you’re wishing all this pain could just go away.
I wish I could I tell you, there’ll be no more disarray,
I wish I could tell you tomorrow will be a better day.
All we can do now is hope that justices will prevail,
keep your eyes open; be alert when you're on your way,

Teach your girls to be careful when they're out everyday,
Pray to God coz we need him to put this beast away.
I see your tears running down your cheeks as you mourn,
Wondering why your beloved daughter's gone,
And now our city's taken prisoner by this vicious beast,
taking our daughters & sisters with these brutal deeds.

So if you got a clue of whom this animal might be,
Won’t you please get up open up your mouth and speak?
Coz we got to stop it, it can’t go on like this,
Why does every other place got to be dangerous?



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Writer Profile
Playshis (aka Plattious the poet)

I'm Ryno Julio Platt. On the Spoken Word stage I'm known as Playshis. I write about life.
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