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Racial Discrimination (Opinions) 26-03-2003
by Suvi
We are the future in life. Our elders have created racial discrimination, and it is are our responsibility to not be a part of it. Every day we enjoy ourselves. We go to school and learn but at same time we disrespect people and we make fun of...

"Shangri - La, my dream home" (Poetry) 30-04-2006
by Mohammad Nibras P K
Here the children carry Only rainbow smile. There is no cloudy face Or any rainy eye. Here the Love is true And the Hope is strong. There are only open hearts And many helping hands. Here the air is Fresh And the water clean. There...

After - shock - protest - thought (Opinions) 27-01-2005
by Valerie
Do we have the resources to really make a change? We have to be sure because if we are serious about making a change then we must think when it gets out of control we will need committed contacts at other colleges, with other groups, with other...

American Democracy (Opinions) 10-05-2004
by melanie mae
According to Edward Abbey, (who I will quote a lot in this essay) every individual should be involved, share in their responsibility, and be committed to speak the truth, especially the unpopular truth. “Communism has been viewed as a gross evil,...

Big City Waiting (Poetry) 26-07-2004
by Ali Khan
In the chaos of this big city I can not go to any place No one else here recognizes me And I can not put another face I am just lying down Waiting! I am turned to a stone Waiting! Waiting for a touch To make me alive To make me alive...

Brainwashed (Poetry) 4-11-2004
by Hodg Hodgson
I'm running for hours. Run, forest run. Counting flowers in the sky As the night passes by. I'm racking my brain. The tank's not thinking From too much drinking The cells are shrinking. (I'm begging) "Virus get out!" Still hoping To...

Mariya Petrukhina 15-20, Lipetsk (Opinions) 17-11-2004
by irene melchner
Население 145 миллионов человек, общая территория. Интересно, эту информацию хоть кто-нибудь когда-нибудь читает? Написать о своей стране что казалось бы проще. Сажусь за свой стол, вооружаюсь - нет, не пером, а клавиатурой, начинаю строчить....