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Racial Discrimination Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by serpent1233, Canada Mar 26, 2003
Culture , Civil Rights   Opinions


We are the future in life. Our elders have created racial discrimination, and it is are our responsibility to not be a part of it. Every day we enjoy ourselves. We go to school and learn but at same time we disrespect people and we make fun of people because they are different from us .

It isn't right but we know it's wrong, but what do we do? We do it more. Every day, children in the world feel as someone is going to make fun of them because they're wearing cultural clothing that is different. Personally, I know this happens in my school. People say," Yo, Tamils are dangerous." I am a Tamil but it doesn't mean that I am dangerous. But simple things like this is what starts racial discrimination. Then when one person gets mad, they join up with a friend and they hurt the person that said that. Then the person that is hurt gets a group and goes hurts the other bunch of people.

This sounds a lot like unnecessary violence, but this is more or less how gangs are started. This happens every where. Every person has been discriminated against at least twice or more,and every person has discriminated, sometimes more than twice. How is sad is that? Racial discrimination is related to all problems such as: poverty, homelessness, gangs, sexism, unemployment, and death rate.

The mad part of this is that we do it and we know that we shouldn't, but we do it because we feel that we can get rid of stress. I think we, as the leaders of the next generation, should not feel that we can stop racial discrimination altogether, but reduce it. It's obvious that we can't stop something that is created, but people can reduce it.

Some examples of racial discrimination are: going on the train or the bus and sitting, and person comes and wants to sit but because you're Black or Asian or White, they think that you're dangerous so they don't sit beside you.

Even in our school most kids don't sit beside kids with disabilities,they avoid them or make fun of them, that is called discrimination. Racial discrimination happens when people say things that shouldn't be said, but in certain situations, they do it on purpose.

What has the governement done to reduce or even stop racial discrimination? The answer to that is absolutely nothing. They themselves guilty of discrimination as well. But we trust these people to rule our land.

As a teen, I can inform you, but at the end of the day, it's your own choice. So do something good, and the next time you feel like you're going to say something bad about a person, try to think of a way where the person you're saying something to doesn't get offended, or upset.



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I've been discrimnated many times
nelson | Nov 4th, 2003
I've been discriminated many times by family other strangers teachers mostly all the people.I feel really upset that people dont really know how I felt to be discriminated.Imagine that was you who always get discriminated what would you do??

nelson | Nov 4th, 2003
some people feel really discriminated because they are in a different place that they come to a strange place dont know nothing about.So why dont we all give them a chance and let them feel like its just there old home.Some people came from the other side of the world like China to Canada and they dont know how to speak english.We should let them have a chance and learn more.

nelson | Nov 4th, 2003
not to think that they are an alien from another planet.They are us just look a bit different.They are human beings to be treated with respect and dignity.They have feelings too.Imagine you were the outsider and the insider treats you like you are some kind of a retarded person what would you do??

nelson | Nov 4th, 2003
nvm the first one..

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