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Earthquakes- an esoteric perspective (Opinions) 1-08-2007
by George Wiliiam Onyore
Are earthquakes caused by sin? Or are they just mere physical occurrences independent of human activities? Well, it would be impossible, using scientific evidence, to explain how a father who has just raped his one-year-old daughter could cause an...

Mother Nature (Poetry) 30-09-2008
by Tess
Frozen in time... When civilization went to sleep, Under the earth– Unknown is their history... How one man lived his life, Until nature took it in fury. One hundred years or so? No one knew Until a guiding light came in. We found...

The Earthquake (Opinions) 3-05-2007
by Guzal Mustafina
The earthquake is a terrible incident in any country. Such a feeling has had every person stayed in the Republic of Uzbekistan on January 8. The earthquake was in the evening, apx. at 10 p.m. that's why the most part of people had already...

Tsunami (Poetry) 23-11-2006
by Salisu Suleiman
All some wanted was a bit of sun All some wanted was a bit of life All some wanted was a little of life’s sun All some wanted was to be part of life Nobody wanted a cold cruel tsunami It came from the source of life From deep within the...

Tsunami 2004: An Assessment of Ground Realities in Sri Lanka (Opinions) 16-12-2005
by Siddhartha Dave
Disaster management is a war, a fight against nature. The only way to remain on guard is to be prepared, against the forces of nature. We shall soon be reaching the anniversary of the ill-fated Tsunami-2004. It is the time, for us to assess the...

Tsunami: Silent Weeping (Opinions) 31-05-2005
by Harini Dias Bandaranayake
Asia did it again! The world was wrapped with attention on 26 December last year as the greatest natural calamity of the century (or at least in recent history) played out before its very eyes. The numbers of the dead kept rising every hour, like...