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Earthquakes- an esoteric perspective Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Big_will, Kenya Aug 1, 2007
Culture , Health , Peace & Conflict , Natural Disasters   Opinions
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Are earthquakes caused by sin? Or are they just mere physical occurrences independent of human activities? Well, it would be impossible, using scientific evidence, to explain how a father who has just raped his one-year-old daughter could cause an earthquake to occur in Kenya. However the truth is that there is a connection. As much as skeptics would like to doubt this, I would like to postulate a series of hypothesis concerning this subject.
The first hypothesis is that for every action there is a reaction. Every action that man decides to undertake; every thought that any man conjures up his mind, is like throwing a stone in a still pond. The result is a disturbance that causes a wave, which causes another, which in turn superimpose with others until the original stillness is realized. Until the original stillness is achieved, the pond will remain disturbed. So it is with the present tremors and the impending earthquake, which is as a result of the inner disturbance that exists in the Kenyan society. Can we not see the cracks that exist in our families, our economy, and our relationship with each other? Is it not a large tremor when an honest and visionary politician is denied a chance to become a president just because he speaks a different language? Is it not a larger earthquake when whistle- blowers have to be exiled for exposing corruption while the perpetrators walk Scott free as though they own this country? Is it not the largest tremor when an outlawed group decides to chop of the heads of innocent Kenyans, exhort their hard earned wages and plunge this country into insecurity? What are physical tremors compared to these tremors that we have within ourselves? Don’t look far- look at the current political situation. Party wrangles are the order of the day. Leaders jumping from one party to another as if the ground in which they are standing on is unstable. Physical tremors are negligible compared to the political and moral tremors that threaten to tear this country to pieces.
So where did the rain start falling on us? This brings me to my second postulate that one does not cure a disease from the symptoms but from its root cause. As atoms are the basic building blocks of nature so is man to his society. All the problems in a society originate from man. If a society is disarranged look no further than the common man who constitute that society. Nature reacts to man. Nature cannot hurt man instead it responds to his actions and thoughts. Nature is an expression of the inner man. Notice how cruel people draw others who are of similar character. Notice how birds of a feather flock together. Our society has naturally attracted the present physical tremors, and unless we learn to be at peace with ourselves and with those around us these tremors whether physical or moral will continue.
So how is man acting to cause the current earthquakes? Many ways…emitting pollutants to our environment, cutting down forests, littering with waste polythene bags and other numerous ways. But these are just the symptoms, not the root cause. The root cause is the heart of man. If you happen to walk down Nairobi’s streets you will see disturbance written in people’s faces. No one is at peace. We are all busy chasing after something. If you go to the slums you cannot help but see the sadness and the suffering of the poor. In the evening you will certainly meet an avalanche of people tired and completely wasted trudging home to meet even more suffering. It is like a man who after running home from a vicious lion gets bitten by a snake at the door. No wonder kind mother nature sends earthquakes to stir Kenyans out of their suffering.
What then should we do? My third and last postulate is that it is not enough to repent, there must be a total overhaul in the way we think and the way we perceive life. Repentance and prayers are just necessary steps to lead us to victory. First, we must know that it does not matter whether we are rich or poor, or from this tribe or the other, or from this religion or that one. What matters is whether we are at peace with our God and ourselves, and naturally the earth will stop to quake. The issue is not whether you are suffering or living in luxury, the issue is whether you letting it take control of you so much that you start identifying yourself with your sufferings or luxuries. Are you so attached to your wealth or your job or to our studies that without it you feel that you are so worthless that you would die? If so, that is the cause of all your problems and the present tremors that are in Kenya today. Our fundamental mistake is that we have let material things take control of us yet we humans are not material in nature. Nature is not material; material is a product of nature. Nature is an intelligent principle and matter is a tool for expressing its intelligence. We act contrary to nature when we identify ourselves with matter instead of the principle behind it.
We need to study more. By studying I do not mean only reading books but I also mean having a keen appreciation for ourselves, those around us and nature itself. How many times do we walk on the streets but our thoughts are so far away? We do not even notice the sky or the trees. We do not take time to breath in and out. We are in another world. We are walking whilst dreaming. We are never here; we are either in the future or in the past. We need to stop letting our thoughts control us instead we should observe everything just as you would do while watching a movie. In that way we become the observer and our thoughts take the role of the observed and so they lose the power to take control over us. When we do this then we naturally acquire the power to elimininate thoughts that breed hatred, envy and anger. We learn to ignore these thoughts and like an unwelcome guest they leave. But if we act on these thoughts by trying to resist them or act on them they will continue to haunt us. If you were a visitor in a house and everybody in that place ignored you, you will leave immediately. It is same with these negative thoughts. If you resist them they will continue knocking on the door of your mind, if you welcome them they will come in; but if you ignore them they will leave and find another place where they are welcomed.

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Writer Profile

I am a Kenyan Law student at the University of Nairobi. I am also a poet despite preferring to write a lot. I also read a lot though not in the library and not only about one topic. I hope people enjoy my work. I must say it is not easy being a writer but I shall not give up writing. It is a passion that burns inside me like a furnace. Take care. And thank you.

Loved it
Easy Home Concepts | Sep 11th, 2014
Great post about earthquakes!

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