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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Tsunami Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Salisu, Nigeria Nov 23, 2006
Environment , Natural Disasters   Poetry


All some wanted was a bit of sun
All some wanted was a bit of life
All some wanted was a little of life’s sun
All some wanted was to be part of life
Nobody wanted a cold cruel tsunami

It came from the source of life
From deep within the earth’s soul
Its mission was to kill all life
It crushed all with a heartless soul
It was a cold cruel tsunami

They came from grey lands to catch a tan
They came, child, woman and man
And became victims in a wave of death
That killed and crushed all within its breath
It was nature’s own ballistic tsunami

It did not speak the language of children
It did not understand the language of men
All it spoke was the tongue of death
And echoed from a deep depth
It was nature’s moment of temporary insanity

Life, homes, plant, all fodder
For nature’s own mass murder
For which there will be no convict
For nature’s crime has no precinct
It was a tsunami from the eastern sea

Prodigal nature took so many away
Just to force a bit of kindness within
And humble so many haughty and astray
To show that even metal hearts be by love smitten
But the billions will be of no use to the dead



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hadiza kaku | Dec 2nd, 2006
I really appreciated the composition and rythm of the write-up.

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