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"Open Society and Its Enemies" (Opinions) 9-10-2004
by Wilfred Mamah
Nigeria presents a complex development matrix. Desperate efforts to address Nigeria’s development crisis continues to meet brick walls. Poverty remains entrenched in defiance to the ludicrous, wide mouthed efforts of the Nigerian establishment....

Blood Sisters (Poetry) 6-03-2003
by Catarina Abreu
We’re sisters by the blood Pulsing through the ground Into our veins And yet we stand apart Torn by the very darkness Causing our grief. What happened to love? Between everyone of us We seem to let it slip It’s become hidden Marred and...

Language Respect (Opinions) 3-05-2011
by Lavinia Loredana Spargo
It's fair to say that the arena of language is a wild place to be. Languages are in a constant battle for survival and supremacy. They intermingle, assimilate, fuse, annihilate each other, yet no one is ever left language-less. With...

My beloved country (Short Story) 24-04-2008
by Mercy Adhiambo Orengo
The candle that was burning in the otherwise dark room cast an eerie shadow of us, huddled in the corner of the room. I moved closer to the woman who was seated next to me to protect myself from the impact of the night’s cold. None of us spoke. We...

My best clothing (Poetry) 19-04-2008
by Osamuyi Okpame
It is nature’s clothing It is free, and free indeed! Not given by social status But as a gift It is the best cloth I have ever worn And it stays with me till the end of time Only people of this world Call it whatever they like They...

Myself (Poetry) 7-07-2004
by Amegah Raymond
I am me, Earth is where I come from I am years old. I have the complexion of the people of Earth The language I speak is that of the people of Earth Earthian dishes are all my favorites I always want to be the best I always want to have the...

Our legacy of hope (Poetry) 20-01-2009
by Rare breed
No longer held back By the excuse Of the color of our skin No more need to heed The doubt Now we can refute Internalized inferiority Lying Within No longer can we be Fatalistic about our future Now we have tangible proof That...

Power Dynamics in the Human Rights Movements - Universalism or Relativism (Opinions) 28-08-2007
In a world where identity has become a political tool for public mobilization, it takes great facilitation skills to navigate across the universalism and cultural relativism debate without hurting anybody's feelings. Ideas of global citizenship...

Race in Education (Opinions) 20-01-2002
by How-Sen Chong
So let me tell you a story. One afternoon, I walked into one of my environment classes and noticed an unusual amount of black hair sitting in the classroom. Now, in other classes that I’ve taken, this would not have elicited a second thought (or...

Racism and Tribalism in the World (Opinions) 10-09-2003
by Antony Felix O. O. Simbowo
Reading newspapers and magazines recently in Kenya it has not been hard to notice the hue and cry elicited by the survivors of torture, corruption, tribalism and other shortcomings of the former Kanu regime. Their call for a Truth and...

Religious Intolerance and its Adverse Implications (Opinions) 28-09-2003
by Enefe,
To say that man’s inability to tolerate another man’s own belief has hampered his elevation in general cannot be over-stated. To have a clearer understanding of religious intolerance, defining it should give us a clear vision of its effects....

Scars and healing (Short Story) 3-02-2009
by Tabitha Rono
Seated under the night sky reflecting on the past, I cannot escape the events of the fateful day. Constantly, they replay in my mind. In my eyes, Tears well up. I feel like lying down, never to rise again. It is to you that I write this, my...

The Kuna People from Panama: Facing Extinction (Opinions) 27-09-2007
by Fernando Tarnogol
I have recently come home (to Buenos Aires, Argentina) from Panama. During my stay there I had the opportunity of living among the Kunas for a week. The Kuna Shire, or kuna yala (Land of the Kuna people) is an independent region, comprised of over...

The music of our fathers (Ngoma) (Poetry) 29-09-2009
by david mbitu
The music is dead, buried in fading echoes of dreams. Oh, ancient fathers, let me hear the Ngoma just for once Boom… boom… cha… cha… doo… doo... kuchi… kuchi… For my body and soul weep from simulated drums, Just a moment of Ngoma on a...

The Race Game (Poetry) 18-04-2004
by Amegah Raymond
The race game The race game The race is meant to be faced, The race is meant to be won, It is to be faced together In oneness it will be won. The race comes with many faces, Constraining and confusing many Tearing and tormenting many men,...

There's Only ONE Race (Opinions) 7-11-2001
by Karis
The other day, I attended a very good presentation on homosexual culture and identity. The speaker was excellent and I was enjoying the speech. Then, we got into an "interact-with-the-audience" section and it was there that I stumbled across the...

Will an Obama victory alter the idiosyncratic perception of the black race? (Opinions) 3-11-2008
The year 2008 would, no doubt, go down in the annals of American history as a monumental year politically and economically, but more importantly black history would not be complete without citing the amazing feat which Barack Obama has achieved....

“Wikipedia siempre tendrá errores porque es parte de la condición humana” (Short Story) 20-11-2009
by Damian Profeta
El fundador de la enciclopedia online explicó las razones del éxito de su creación. “La gente participa como un hobby y se divierte haciéndolo”, afirmó. Y destacó: “Que una comunidad se reúna para hacer algo útil es una idea interesante”....