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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
My best clothing Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Osamuyi Okpame, Nigeria Apr 19, 2008
Human Rights , Culture , Cultural Diversity   Poetry


It is nature’s clothing
It is free, and free indeed!
Not given by social status
But as a gift
It is the best cloth I have ever worn
And it stays with me till the end of time

Only people of this world
Call it whatever they like
They classify, discriminate and look down on it

But the pure in heart sees beyond it
And knows that the skin we wear
Is but nature’s clothing
That will be separated from us
The day we depart from this world
To the great beyond
When we put nature’s clothing aside
As nature beckons us to give it back

Our being yearns for better clothing
Only spiritually we become adorned
Majestically into a new realm we walk
Where the skin we wear is not important
But our deeds long gone be brought forth
To stand in judgement before us
In testimony of our words and actions

Life glows brilliantly in radiance
With a pure and gentle heart
But dims slowly
With the wicked in heart

When shall we realize?
That the skin we have on is but nature’s clothing,
Which will be taken back at the final moment
Soon after we are dead

Does it make sense?
To prejudge somebody by the colour of the skin
When we know well that the skin
Is all but nature’s clothing
Which we shall all give back in due course
In the biological cycle of life

Look down not on the colour of my skin
For nature’s clothing can not be despised
It’s a gift to be honoured and cherished
By all that know the essence and worth of life

Search forth the heart
And exhume the darkest thoughts therein
Away with it
And in fairness climb swiftly
Never to return to that part so dreaded
In the deepest archive of the soul
Manifested through the colour of the skin.



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Writer Profile
Osamuyi Okpame

I enjoy both reading and writing, and a quote that serves as inspiration to me is: "Sometimes the difficulties we face, could be our greatest asset in life."

wonderful poem
Chantelle Ennis-Charoo | Feb 19th, 2009
i loved this poem, especially the opening stanza! It is true, that the best clothing ever given to you is that of your own skin. Lovely

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