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A Talk Between two Young Artists (Interviews) 23-08-2004
by Yasmary Mora
Hi! My name is Bo and I work as a trainee at the Music Mayday Foundation in the Netherlands. I play saxophone in an experimental jazz band called Velatropa (see picture). I’ve been working here for a week and I was asked to do a chat interview...

Appreciation (Poetry) 26-05-2008
by Adelusi Oluwafemi Temidayo-Don
To all you, friends, I write a pleasant parcel. My literary feelings Hanging here so long; Watching all the fun I like to see and have. Those funny images And imaginary words of yours From our pains and pleasures Lay heavily upon me....

Art and the Paranoiac-Critical Activity (Opinions) 5-08-2004
by sabrina davidson
Let’s talk about it for a minute. I live in a world where my imagination controls my humanity. In this ever present reality where I am sometimes sleeping when I'm awake and sometimes awake when I’m sleep. I imagine the dream world where I look up...

Avoiding the Hype - Learn How from Liam O (Interviews) 1-02-2008
by Heather Girling
Avoid.net , a unique idea evolved during a party one night in New Brunswick, Canada. Liam O’Doherty, the founder of the Avoid.net project had an idea: advertising could be used to counteract the effects of advertising and consumerism. His...

Be realistic... (Poetry) 1-05-2007
by Keely Aleathea Constance Boom
"Be realistic," you say to me, But to be realistic is to believe. Recognise the problems in our world, But know that we can alter all this and more. Recognise your own failings and sin, But never doubt the power and strength within....

Building a Personal Brand with a Domain Name (Short Story) 1-09-2003
by Shaun Cronrath
There is no secret that a domain name plays a critical role in a company’s overall brand strategy. But what role does a domain name play when building the most important brand you have control over, your own personal brand? This valuable, but less...

Cable TV in India (Opinions) 15-03-2003
by Ashwin Gopinath
Cable television is a rough business in India. Earlier this month, a number of villagers had been arrested for tapping cable lines in a rural village. That sort of thing sits ill with India’s vision of itself as a knowledge-industry superpower,...

Carmen (Poetry) 5-07-2006
by clarita zarate
I loved them all but she was special Long raven hair obsidian eyes that warmed the cold and a voice so sweet it held more power than a fresh bouquet of wildflowers. One day - on a journey - she slipped off a truck if she'd been tied down...

Cartoons vs. Reality TV (Opinions) 31-01-2004
by Carly T
Imagine a world where there were no teachers, you get to stay at home and watch TV, 24/7. Are you happy about that? You’re not forced to go to school and you don’t have to learn. But without realizing it, you are learning from the Media. You watch...

Coupe (Poetry) 3-06-2004
by Keyvan Sayar
La coupe est pleine Coupe ma main Coupe mes doigts Coupe mes ch'veux Coupe ma vie Coupe ma route Et croise les doigts

Drama and music fight against gender-based violence in all forms (Short Story) 1-07-2007
by Jonas Eriksson
Every year, across the globe, thousands of women and girls are being trafficked and sold into virtual slavery. What if it happened to you or someone in your family? What will you do about it if it does? These are some of the questions that...

Drummers from Burundi play music in the midst of incredible danger (Interviews) 7-08-2005
by Bart Abbott
It was Monday, August 4, 2005 and I found myself standing on the golf course of Stirling University in Stirling, Scotland, with three young men from the country of Burundi, Africa. The four of us were part of the six hundred youth from one hundred...

Flaming Filmmaker (Interviews) 9-02-2007
by Lize-Leandra Ehlers
Paul van Schalkwyk has aligned himself with the international film making standards and protocol of production. Namibia’s top producer and director has a chain of accolades following him on his film making and photographic career. He is the...

I'm (Poetry) 1-06-2004
by Sandra Musonda
I'm… I'm floating in a world of uncertainty I'm sinking in a mind of complexity I'm living invisibly but seen I'm drowning while buoyant I'm laughing but crying I'm breathing while out of breath I'm thinking without processing thought...

Irina Pervukhina 15-20, Biisk Altai (Poetry) 16-11-2004
by irene melchner
«Мои мысли погружаются в глубину пространства. Что имеет смысл: красота, убранство? Верность братства? Сущность бытия? Кто мы в этой жизни? И зачем существую я?» Живем мы в высотных катакомбах. В мире жестоком, где взрываются бомбы....

Love in the Movies (Opinions) 6-10-2002
by Catarina Abreu
At seventeen, I can honestly say that there were times where I thought I was in love. Just the sight of that special somebody would send my stomach doing somersaults until I thought my heart would jump from my throat. It's a great feeling,...

Moving from a Hobby to a Creative Profession (Opinions) 20-03-2003
by Lise Richards
Building a career as an artist takes hard work. Because the field attracts so many talented people, jobs in this field remain competitive. If you major in an art program at the university level, the focus is not on business, but in studio art,...

My life (Poetry) 27-10-2008
by Ryno Julio Platt
I sit and think about the situations that I'm facing, So many hearts breaking, people hating & faking. I see my people dropping, called away from above, It seems there ain’t no stopping, my world needs love. I feel the pressure like a...

Narsissus’ Song (Poetry) 10-02-2007
by Ann
I don’t hear you, nymphs, What song do you sing? Could it be sweeter, sweeter than nectar, could it be sweeter than his voice? I don’t see you, sun, You are just a beam that brightens up his face. What are you to me or him? You, who...

No Lesser (Poetry) 11-09-2006
by Awa Innocent Ndah
I am the plate in which gluttons eat but that does not make me any lesser, I am the shortest tree that is never seen yet I am stronger than the wind, I am the shield of warriors without one, the caterer and carrier of all their armors, the...

Rock Music A Form of Art (Opinions) 28-03-2007
by Nukhbat Malik
Being an artist I observe things very keenly, and when I observed around me the strong wave of Rock music and the way people are encouraging the Rock and UNDERGROUND bands, I started to look into the matter a bit seriously that “Is Rock Music a...

Snowflake (Poetry) 13-12-2006
by a s
A snowflake is a marvel Of pattern and design A tiny little raindrop Entrapped in winters clime Each tiny little snowflake That descends upon the earth Proclaims in all its beauty The one who gave it birth The patterns are so intricate So...

The Dangerous Bond With TV (Opinions) 15-10-2003
by Amira Sobeih
Most children love watching the TV after school but do you really know what effect it's having on your sons and daughters? Earlier this month parents in Britain were accused of using televisions as electronic babysitters, which the government's...

The Sun (Poetry) 24-10-2007
by Emperor Omorogiuwa Edionseri
like the beauty of the sun so is the one that brings him sun. but now she goes or by him slips. will the donkey bray? where will be the sun-ray? who's the center of yours? though little but holds all thus. he'll be the option to be....

Varvara Rogozhinikolva, St Petersburg (Opinions) 10-11-2004
by irene melchner
Поиск ориентира. Я живу и учусь в Санкт-Петербурге, огромном городе, в котором иногда чувствуешь себя потерянным – особенно если ты идешь по Невскому проспекту в разгар дня, даже рабочего. Множество людей, группы туристов, уличные музыканты у...

What's TV? (Opinions) 30-01-2003
by Jose Menacho Galiano
People spend more and more of their lives in front of a TV set. The revolution of the mass media began since TV entered in our homes. News, TV programs, movies, live events, TV spots, etc., changed dramatically our view of the world and the focus...

Осень (Poetry) 25-08-2006
by Волостнова Татьяна
В тихом парке, одетом в багрянец По знакомым тропинкам брожу И осколки ушедшего лета Я в опавшей листве нахожу. Все пытаюсь сложить их и склеить Не могу подобрать края Нет, не стоит пытаться напрасно Так понятно, что все это зря! Не...