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What's TV? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Jose Menacho Galiano, Peru Jan 30, 2003
Citizen Journalism , Popular Culture   Opinions


People spend more and more of their lives in front of a TV set. The revolution of the mass media began since TV entered in our homes. News, TV programs, movies, live events, TV spots, etc., changed dramatically our view of the world and the focus of a new culture and way of living.

This type of communication brought instant codes of paradigms. What is good or bad depends only in the opinions of people. This magic box transformed the world system and now broadcasters are the most influential people of society.

If you take a glance in the past you can see what has changed in people since TV’s invasion. New habits, new music, new type of delinquency, new frontiers, the bad and the good and new cultures were established in our way of living. The influence of this gadget in modern men has been enormous and I think it is a forerunner of "Globalization".

Nowadays the internet and multimedia brings new fields of manipulation in the thoughts and senses of worldwide population. It can be really dangerous considering who may be in the backstage of these types of electronic or data power.

Lot of defenders says "It's up to you", you decide and you have the control, but what about the masses? The people that believe only in what they watch.

The extreme materialism arrives when you only perceive one side. You probably are in this world for one reason, you have to make yourself this question and ask your self: Who am I?

Take care of living the Vida, but don't allow others to drive your life.

Watch TV, but don't believe in all it shows!




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Writer Profile
Jose Menacho Galiano

I am living in the great country of Peru. I am someone who wants to express my thoughts to a great and lovely audience like TIG. I am someone who only wants to share their love with a world that only needs a hope of living.

Thanks for reading me.


The Medium is the Message
aclam | Feb 10th, 2003
There ARE a lot of very complex issues regarding new mediums of communication, like TV and the Internet. Like you write, oftentimes we don't think about about HOW information is being shared, we only think about WHAT information is being shared. But the HOW and the WHAT are tightly linked, and we have to think about both at once.

My thoughts on the media...
Sally | Nov 6th, 2003
I agree with you that television has had an large affect on people nowadays rather then before television and it is one of the largest influence to people of the society. Another fact that you have mentioned is how the internet isn't the best source to rely on when finding news because the journalist has their opinions too and often they favour the side they support into the article. When others read it, they recieve the same opinion. Although its true the multi media occasionally alter facts that they originally recieve but i don't necessarily think the media is all that harmful as you seem to describe it. Also news on the media may not be all accurate, but at least whoever is watching gets an idea of what is occuring in our world rather then not having a clue at all when there was no media. I may be a teenager myself and watch tv sometimes but like defenders to the media would say, "we do have a choice to believe what is being said in the media" And even for the people who "only" believe what is said in the

Sally | Nov 6th, 2003
media, they perhaps should consider not believing ti as much instead of blaming it on the media. I do agree with you though that people should watch tv but not be too serious about everything it mentions. (soory about how my last posting got cut off)

Wayne Leung | Nov 6th, 2003
I agree about the fact that since the invention of television our lives have changed a lot. Our thinking may have change and we might not see the world as we used to see it, but the television had also done goods. Now we see more of the world because of the telvision, we can now destroy the barrier that used to stop us from seeing the truth of the world, it had gave us knowlege that we would have never knew, it had created a new life for us, a life that is better. I think that everything has a good point and a bad point and the television is just the same. I think the television is useful tool for learning even if it is not the perfect tool. We will believe in what we want to believe not everything the tv tells us like you say, we are the ones who have a mind not the tv, we are the ones to control them not the other way around.

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