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His eyes Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Yasir Hayat Khan, Pakistan Jun 27, 2008
Human Rights , Child Labour   Poetry


His eyes His eyes asked me questions,
the answers to which I didn't know.
That look had many notions:
Abominable life, empty and hollow.

Why am I working
When the other kids are going to school,
An uncertain and dark future lurking,
Nice clothes and food merely a drool?

Childhood was lost somewhere in those eyes.
It was an old man in a child's disguise.
All the tools were his toys,
And we were are just passers-by.

Why is he treated like an animal in the zoo,
Waiting for nothing but a good meal,
Forced to work... without having any clue?
Emotions that we could never feel…

Will there be any relief?
Is there anything in his power
Or just pain, sorrow, anger and grief?
Have you got any answer?



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Writer Profile
Yasir Hayat Khan

This user has not written anything in his panorama profile yet.

Areej Hosni Atalla | Aug 13th, 2008
I wish I could have answer for ur question and mine, y we couldn't keep our children safe and smiling? I wish all people will be aware of both children labor and children safty in war areas.... Thank u dear for the great msg

Too true
Emma Kowal | Sep 29th, 2008
Haunting image... nice choice, and a subject that rings true; no one has the answer, and until more people start asking the question, we won't find it. Thank you for raising awareness and the beautiful words! :)

Hafiidhaturrahmah | Oct 2nd, 2008
Great Poem Yasir!!! Hope someone answer the questions... or maybe start from us to answer by action Warms, aViS ^_^

Thank you very much
Yasir | Oct 2nd, 2008
Thanks alot for such nice words of praise...

welcome back
Hafiidhaturrahmah | Sep 15th, 2009
welcome Yasir wait ur new poem^_^ do u have facebook let me be yours my facebook: avis unsoed

Yasir | Sep 15th, 2009
Asalam o Aleckom: Yeah I am on facebook, my e-mail ID is yasirhkhan@gmail.com

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