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Causes and Contributions (Opinions) 11-07-2007
by Jared Otieno Oloo
Child labor is widely spread in the poor regions of Kenya. A question not that many people dealing with the issue of child labor ask is why does it happen? I have found out in my own research some of the things that have led to the widespread of...

Child Labour and the Need for Education (Opinions) 29-06-2007
by Z Maani
General questions have been laid out before me: 1. Employing a child in hazardous conditions is worse than employing an adult in hazardous conditions. Do you agree? 2. In places where child labour exists, should children be paid the same as...

Child Labour: Is it a Blessing to the Children or a Curse? (Opinions) 15-06-2007
by erick ochieng otieno
Sweating and panting, you would see most children in the streets, plantations, factories and anywhere there is work to be done. On many occasions, the children are given the duties that many older people would consider degrading to them. It is...

Disappearing Behind the Wall of Child Labour (Opinions) 23-06-2007
by katie
I am not sure where to begin. I am not sure if what I say will even make a difference, and if it does, I will not worry about the credit I get, but more so the credit that will benefit the world. I may be the only one who notices this, but then...

El rostro infantil del trabajo en el Perú (Opinions) 3-06-2008
by magaly oviedo gamero
Uno de los principales problemas que actualmente es considerado en la agenda mundial, es el trabajo infantil con especial atención a los denominados peligrosos y de peores formas. Existen diversos convenios internacionales como el de la OIT (Nº...

Exploitative Child Labour in Cocoa-Producing West African Nations. (Opinions) 30-06-2007
With 44% coming from Ivory Coast, 15% from Ghana, 7% from Nigeria and 4% from Cameroon, West Africa produces 70% of world’s cocoa consumption. However, the majority of this cocoa is being produced with the use of child labour. According to the...

His eyes (Poetry) 27-06-2008
by Yasir
His eyes asked me questions, the answers to which I didn't know. That look had many notions: Abominable life, empty and hollow. Why am I working When the other kids are going to school, An uncertain and dark future lurking, Nice clothes...

Little working hands (Opinions) 25-06-2010
by Maria Guadalupe
Do you like to dress fashionably? Do you like go to shopping in GAP´s stores? Many of the clothes in the fashion industry are made in Asian factories where most of workers are women or children. For example, brands like GAP, Nike, and Primark have...

Lo inaceptable del trabajo infantil (Opinions) 3-06-2008
by Elizabeth Arceo
Este 12 de junio se celebra internacionalmente el día contra el trabajo infantil. Coordinado por la Organización Internacional del Trabajo, la celebración de este día busca concientizar y eliminar las peores formas de trabajo infantil. Pero, ¿Qué...

Tan sólo una oportunidad para la infancia (Opinions) 9-06-2008
by Miguel Gallegos
Introducción Nos encontramos ante un gran desorden epistemológico y sociológico respecto de ciertas categorías que tradicionalmente servían de guía y orientación para explicar determinados fenómenos sociales. Concluyentemente la práctica...