by Yasir
Published on: Jun 27, 2008
Type: Poetry

His eyes asked me questions,
the answers to which I didn't know.
That look had many notions:
Abominable life, empty and hollow.

Why am I working
When the other kids are going to school,
An uncertain and dark future lurking,
Nice clothes and food merely a drool?

Childhood was lost somewhere in those eyes.
It was an old man in a child's disguise.
All the tools were his toys,
And we were are just passers-by.

Why is he treated like an animal in the zoo,
Waiting for nothing but a good meal,
Forced to work... without having any clue?
Emotions that we could never feel…

Will there be any relief?
Is there anything in his power
Or just pain, sorrow, anger and grief?
Have you got any answer?

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